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Generic Rubberised Hard Case Back Cover for SONY XPERIA C - PURPLE

Generic Rubberised Hard Case Back Cover for SONY XPERIA C - PURPLE

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Product Description

So, now that you own a SONY XPERIA C, you will definitely want to protect it to the utmost extent. Mobile phones are everyone's most precious possession that they cannot imagine a life without. It has become an essential accessory of one's daily routine and lifestyle. Good mobile phones are an essential part and taking good care of them is necessary as well such that mobile phones last for several years, without you having to worry about replacing it soon. Smart phones can turn into a good investment if you take a little extra care as to how to keep your phone safe and damage free such that it serves to be your best companion for several years to come. A good back cover and case can be handy in situations wherein you may feel that your mobile could get damaged by the way you use the phone or hold it. Many times, you may not have the time and flexibility to keep the phone safely inside the pouch and then put it into your bag, etc. Mobile phones are devices that tend to be used during emergencies or when one is short of time. In such situations, people would like to utilize the maximum time available, rather than bothering as to how they store the phone. So, in order to relax your mind such that you can concentrate on your other tasks and at the same time give an ultimate protection to your mobile phone, you need to choose and use a reliable hard case back cover cum screen protective layer. Especially for SONY XPERIA C users, Wow has come out with one of its time's high quality with a good finished look and feel, a rubberized hard case back cover.

Product Description

The hard back case cum cover for SONY XPERIA C is available in the market by Wow brand. It comes in a pretty Purple color which gives the phone an overall attractive look and feel. It has been given the texture of a matte finish look that enhances its look to a great extent. It is a hard back case cum cover that has been designed keeping the phone's quality and features in mind. It is made of high quality rubber that gives it a smooth feel when touched. Any onlookers will not forget to give it a second look, since it has this eye catchy color and external appearance. It has been made keeping durability factor in mind and is sure to last long such that you can continue using it as long as you use wish to continue using your SONY XPERIA C mobile phone. It gives you an ultimate comfortable feeling when you hold the phone. Due to its extra soft touch feel, you won't get tired even if you are holding the phone for a long duration. It also ensures complete protection for your mobile phone. It ensures that your phone is kept safe always no matter how and where you keep it. Whether it is kept in your pocket or your handbag, this case cum cover is sure to protect it from all forms of scratches, dust or dirt. It makes sure that no debris enters the phones thus ensuring uninterrupted phone usage by the user. Further, to add to these already existing features, this hard back case cum cover also comes with a scratch proof coated layer that covers your entire phone preventing even the slightest of scratch to harm your precious gadget. All these features guarantee a long lasting durable phone with a reliable back case and cover.

This hard back case cover has been precisely designed for SONY XPERIA C users so that they can make the most out of their phones without keeping any worries in their head. The rubberized texture of the case ensures that you always get a good grip of your phone so that it doesn't slip out of your hand and fall.

Product Features

  • Superior Precise Finish
  • Rubberised UltraSmooth feel for a Perfect Grip
  • PARTY PURPLE colour with MATTE finish
  • Scratch Proof Coating for lasting Durability
Product Details
Brand WOW
Model Number PAHCSXC-01PR
Technical Specification
Device Type Back Cover

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