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Generic - USB OTG Cable For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III N9000 N9005 N9006 connect Pendrive

Generic - USB OTG Cable For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III N9000 N9005 N9006 connect Pendrive

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Product Description

Tired of slow connection, broken file transfers and failures? Here's a great solution to your dismay. Generic puts forward an USB OTG cable for your Samsung Galaxy Note III which will take the load off you and do the work in real fast time. You can readily gift yourself with an USB On-The-Go cable by Generic. You can shop online USB OTG cable for Samsung Galaxy Note III and get going with your file transfer really fast.

Product description

USB OTG cable from generic will smoothly turn your Samsung Galaxy Note III into a USB host allowing you to connect with USB accessory devices such as keyboard, mice, thumb drives, etc which are compatible with your phone, thus enhancing the capability of your Smartphone. Using this cable will makes it easy to transfer data files to and from USB accessories like digital camera, digital audio device, and USB keyboard or memory card reader. This cable can also access USB flash drives, mouse and keyboards. The USB accessories it is connected to will act as client or slaves and the device will act as the host. The data cable is black in colour and therefore will match with any other colour phone. The cable is hard and durable and will last for a vast period of time. It also assures safety to your phone as well as your power source as the insulated wire is made of highest quality. This cable is flexible enough to be bended in any direction you want as the neck that connects the jack with the wire is made of rubber. We see perfect moulding of the plastic caps near the wire. The considerable length of the wire makes it easier to access the phone while it is still connected to any other device and files are being transferred. The male and female jacks of the cable are made of stainless steel thus making it rust resistant and corrosion free. Thus, the product is made much durable and so all the more desirable. Unlike other devices, this cable does not get tangled due to the quality of the material used thus providing you with a fuss free service.


This modish On-The-Go USB cable with spectacular finish is an essential product on mobile. You can multi task with the help of this cable. You can both access your phone and on the same time operate other USB accessories at the same time. It guarantees no breakage or data loss during file transfer. This OTG cable will also allow you to connect mouse or keyboards to your phone enabling you to play or operate those files which requires the use of these devices. These input devices work perfectly with in sync with your phone as long connected with this cable. You can even connect USB gamepad with your phone through this USB OTG cable and play your favourite games in phone which otherwise would have been problematic. You will now also be able to access files stored in memory cards other than phone itself by connecting a card reader to this cable. This cable also allows you to transfer files from one phone to another with ease and much faster.

Direction for Use

USB OTG cable for Samsung Galaxy Note III is a user-friendly device. To use this cable, you need to connect one jack with your phone and then the other jack to whichever USB accessories you would like to access. A pop-up window will appear on your phone asking for permission to grant access to an external device. You need to press OK to continue. On selecting the file manager application, head to SD card / USB/ Storage and search for the external device you have attached. On selecting the device, you will be able to view and access the files stored on the external device. You will now be able to view, transfer or manage any file on your external disk as well as phone with lightning speed. If you are unable to view the external device, simply restart your phone.


It is of utmost importance to take proper care of your electronic devices to ensure their longevity. Keep your OTG cable in a clean and dry place. Accumulation of dust particles will result in abnormal behaviour or crashing down of your gadget. Keep the cable away from heat or fire as it will damage the wires inside the cable. Be sure to keep it in a moist free place as water will damage the wirings. Keep away from the reach of children.

Its time that you add another appropriate gadget to your collection for better management of your time and functioning of your existing USB accessories. You can buy online USB OTG cable for Samsung Galaxy Note III from any corner of the world and enjoy satisfying experiences.


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