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Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

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Language English
Contributor(s) Matt Richardson
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

"Getting started with Raspberry pi" by Matt Richardson is an informative book that aims at helping you understand the new, fast growing technology of Raspberry Pi and acquainting you with its usage and importance. It is a paperback edition, consisting of 196 informative pages, which help you with the know-hows of the little computer that is gaining popularity worldwide. It is an out of the box title that will satisfy your knowledge seeking senses significantly. It has been written in a non complex format making sure that people from all walks of life can easily comprehend the gist of the book. Artistic and creative writing flair has been comprehensively combined with the detailing nature of the author. The book follows a progressive mode as it leaves no stone unturned by covering everything - right from the basic fundamentals, to the complexities, and the real time applications and usage.

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that you can plug into your television set or keyboard. It works as a capable tiny little computer, which you can use in electronics projects, and also for various other tasks that you accomplish using your desktop PC like documents, spreadsheets, word processing, games, songs and high quality video, etc. It has the ability to connect you to the world. Raspberry Pi has been used in different places in digital maker projects, music machines, detectors, weather stations, and even bird houses! It is a must have for all the computer freaks and is an important technology in the field of advancing computers. Whether you're a budding IT newbite or an established IT professional, you'll find this book a credible addition to your collection, as it is laden with intellect and priceless knowledge.

About the Author:

Matt Richardson, the author of this book, is a creative technologist, a Brooklyn based tech freak and a Contributing Editor at MAKE magazine. Richardson is also a Resident Research Fellow at the New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). He has written books like 'Getting started with Raspberry Pi' and 'Getting Started with BeagleBone', and has created a celebrity silencing device called 'The Enough Already'. Matt is also the owner of a technological consultancy called Awesome Button Studios. His work has been acclaimed by magazines and newspapers like The New York Times, Wired, New York Magazine. Moreover, his work has also been featured at The Nevada Museum of Art and at the Santorini Bienniele.

Shawn Wallace, the co-author of this paperback edition, is an editor at O'Reilly and lives in Providence, RI. Having designed the open hardware kits at Modern Device, he also enjoys membership in the Fluxama artist collective, that is responsible for new iOS musical instruments such as Noisemusick.

The book 'Getting Started with Raspberry Pi' has been written in a concise and articulate manner in the beauty of the English language. The book was successfully published on the date January 25, 2013, thanks to the noteworthy contribution of Shroff/O'Reilly, the ever growing publishing house. When you shed a light on titles that will leave you enchanted and captivated right from the commencement till the very end, their books have fostered a country wide reputation, having been in this industry domain for a significant amount of time. The group of publishers cohesively worked in tandem with the writing talent of Matt Richardson, the author. The book [First Edition] is lightweight and it possesses a paperback binding, which highlights its characteristics of portability and robustness. Moreover, once you acquire this book, you will be guaranteeing yourself 196 pages of absolute worthiness, which makes it tailor-made for all reading aficionados. You can have this book delivered at your doorstep exclusively via So, log on to the website right away to avail some attractive price tags.

Product Specifications :

ISBN 10 9350239752 and ISBN 13 9789350239759.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 25, 2013
Publisher Shroff/O'Reilly
Contributor(s) Matt Richardson
Binding Paperback
Edition First
Page Count 196
ISBN 10 9350239752
ISBN 13 9789350239759
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  1.  Entry level book, very good for starters 2 February, 2013 On
    This is a book which is meant for starters of Raspberry pi. Not for an experienced user or any user who have first hand experience with raspberry pi. At a cheap price this book is a must have for all starters and should work as detailed manual.
    Rating: 5 out of 5.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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