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Gillette Sensor Excel Razor
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Gillette Sensor Excel Razor

Target Gender Male
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Overview: Gillette Sensor Excel Razor

Gillette Sensor Excel Razor has self-adjusting twin blades that automatically adjust to every curve of your face and safely respond to respond to every detail of your skin. Gillette Sensor Excel has a series of soft, flexible microfins positioned directly in front of the blades to safely protect your skin while gently and precisely shaving with incredible comfort.

Features: Gillette Sensor Excel Razor

  • Soft, protective microfins
  • Self-adjusting twin blades automatically
  • All sensor razors fit all sensor cartridges
Product Details
Manufacturer P&G
Manufacturer Part Number 7702018924646
Brand Gillette
Model Number Sensor Excel
Target Gender Male
Item Package Quantity 1

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Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Excellent and very smooth 7 January, 2014 On
    I have been using this product for almost 15 years now. I used to use the normal regular twin blade. They were not bad but sometimes I used to get some nicks and cuts. I have very tender skin so Shaving wasnt always a soothing experience.

    Then when Gillette Sensor Excel was launched I was impressed by the advt. and went ahead and bought. I was very gladly surprised by the smoothness of the shave. Very clean shave. And the best part is that I can even shave "against the grain" (that is shaving ulta or in the opposite direction) to get the cleanest shave

    I have never ever cut myself with my Gillette Sensor Excel even when I shave ulta. Although shaving against the grain does give me a little skin burn but its negligible. I cant even think of shaving against the grain using a normal twin blade.

    1 blade lasts me for about 8-10 shaves. And my razor is still the same 15 year old one and it still looks pretty OK
    . Superb Quality
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