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Girl on Fire

Girl on Fire

Format Vinyl
Artist(s) Alicia Keys
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Product Description

Girl on Fire is an audio album released by singer Alicia Keys. The album features various tracks dealing with different human emotions and situations. It contains beautifully crafted songs and will appeal to the listeners with varied interests in music. The album is mainly inspired by R&B genre, but spans across various kinds of music to offer you an interesting medley. The album is an interesting addition to any music collection.

Contemporary TunesGirl on Fire is an adult contemporary music album. It is a critical and commercial success with various tracks hitting the top charts. Its main track 'Girl on Fire' and 'New Day' proved to be very popular. The album was conceived soon after the lead singer, Alicia Keys' marriage to Swizz Beatz. It contains various tracks with piano ballads and conventional songs. The lyrics of the songs are deep and yet easy to understand. The beats of the songs are uplifting and will cater to the niche audience. The mood of the album is diverse and provides a wonderful experience at different levels. The songs talk about human emotions and relationships, while delving into the general meaning of life. It also refers to God in an ephemeral way. Alicia Keys is a classically trained singer and her talent is clearly visible throughout the album. The opening track of "De Novo Adagio" bears a testimony to Keys' classically rooted tunes. The album benefits from exquisite penmanship and classically inspired tunes. The song "Brand New Me" talks about transformation and breaking free. The album also contains some songs that are more suitable for parties, providing a refreshing change from the usual mood of the album.

Critically AcclaimedGirl on Fire is a critically acclaimed album. It not only won rave reviews from top critics but also won 56th Grammy Awards for Best R&B Album. The album is a commercial success as well. The songs resonate well with the audience as they deal with human emotions and daily struggles. The singer has provided personal touch to the album, making it more relatable. Make an invaluable addition to your music collection with this album. To get this product, you can place the order online.

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Product Details
Publication Date January 1, 2012
Format Vinyl
Music Label Sony DADC
Artist(s) Alicia Keys
No of Discs 1

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  1.  This Girl is Truly on fire! 30 December, 2013 On
    I love all of her songs.
    With great music, lyrics, she is one of the most loved and renowned hip-hop artists.
    I her latest album Girl on Fire, she empowers women and renounces their work which really makes the world run.
    Sometimes as a leader, sometimes as a mother and sometimes as a lover or wife, she does everything with finesse.
    Highly recommended and most-loved album, people looking for good music, lyrics and message should give this album a try.
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