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Gizmobaba GB5 Anti-Lost/Anti-Theft Whistle Keychain Key Finder Locator

Gizmobaba GB5 Anti-Lost/Anti-Theft Whistle Keychain Key Finder Locator

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Product Description

Are you one of them who keep losing house keys and car keys every now and then? Gizmobaba brings you this opportunity to get this particular keychain for yourself. This is definitely the perfect solution to such a problem! Attach this keychain to your keys and whenever you lose the keys just clap! This high tech keychain is incorporated with unique features and built with special techniques. It can beep and flash to alert you and help you find your keys within no time.  You can either make a loud sound or clap within 7 metres of the distance, and the keychain will respond automatically with a beep and flash light. Get this surprising product at such the best price. Shop Gizmobaba GB5 Anti-Theft Whistle Keychain online today.

Material and Design

The Anti-Theft Whistle Keychain is compact in size and it easily fits in your hand. The body of the keychain is egg-shaped. The major part of the body is white in colour and the base part is transparent and red in colour. The flash of the light blinks at this portion and indicates the holder about the keys (it is attached to). The key alert is available to you in a key ring style.

So, now you exactly know hoe to save your time, and just stop scrambling after lost keys. Simply get this amazing compact size key finder for yourself and save your precious minutes. It is easy to use and you functions smoothly without any trouble.

User Friendliness

All you need to do is attach the Key Finder Locator to the bunch of keys. If ever you misplace your keys anywhere in the cupboard, in the drawer, under the bed, in the car or any other such places then simply use this key finder to search the keys. This special equipment will help you find the keys anywhere within 7 metres distance. All you have to do is whistle, and the keys emit a beeping sound and flashes immediately. This indication helps you to locate the keys without much hassle. Even if it is dark, this key finder will help you to find the misplaced keys. This is of course the apt object every individual must own. The light on it flashes bright and lets you find the key chain easily. If you clap, shout or whistle this key chain will respond to you immediately. It responds to loud noise over 1000-1200 Hz which causes this key chain to beep and the light on it to flash. You can easily place it in your bag. It does not take up much space too. This keychain is an apt one for your house keys, bike or car keys as well. It is easy to carry and you can easily place it in your bag or hang it on a key holder against the wall.

In the box

When you open the box you will get to see this product packed properly inside a small sturdy box. You can get this item delivered at the desired address within the stipulated time. To place your order, simply click on the image of the product and select the desired mode of payment. You can pay via a master card or cash on delivery. The warranty card and the bill of the product will be handed over to you at the time of delivery. Bring this product home today.

About the brand

Gizmobaba is a reputed brand and it deals in all kinds of security devices such as cameras, pen cameras, anti-theft equipments and other accessories such as key finder, and so on. The makers of this brand design products that are made of quality materials. The products that are available here are authentic in nature and it will suffice all customer needs efficiently. You can rely on this brand and purchase your order here. Buy Gizmobaba GB5 Anti-Theft Whistle Keychain online from here.

Key Points

Responds with a beep and sound

Compact in size

Can be easily attached to the keys

Easy to carry

Can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes

Product Details
Manufacturer Gizmobaba
Brand Gizmobaba
Warranty 3 months manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defect.

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