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Glucocard 01 Sensor Test Strip

Glucocard 01 Sensor Test Strip

Colour Multicolour
Target Gender Unisex
Product Weight 500 grams
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Overview: Glucocard 01 Sensor Test Strip

Whether you are someone who has been diagnosed with increasing blood sugar levels or you are someone who is conscious about their health and prefers to keep their blood glucose levels on a constant check, a blood glucose meter is an essential must have at home. To avoid the pain of going to the clinic every time you need to check your sugar levels, and to make sure that you are not getting affected adversely by the kind of food you consume we suggest the need of a blood glucose tester to be kept at home. An easy process of puncturing your fingertip, forearm or any other part to ooze some blood out which can be collected on a measuring strip and placed in the glucose meter for results in 7 seconds, make taking care of yourself a breeze. With Glucocard 01 Sensor Test Strips, a pack of 25 strips at your rescue, you will not need to worry anymore.

Taking care of yourself just got easier, a process that lasts about 10 seconds and provides you with an accurate result about your blood glucose levels make sure you are constantly protected from any kind of harmful disease attacks such as diabetes or if you are already diabetic it is a constant reminder about your increasing or decreasing sugar levels. These strips come in aluminium cover which protects every strip with care and allows each strip to stay fresh till the last one.

If you dread going to the doctor or clinic every week or month just to get your blood glucose levels, this product is a must have. This not only is a financially more feasible option but also ensures you good health even on the go, considering you can carry the device wherever you go. Now you can shop online for this medically recommended product by shopping online for it at Junglee. Also do not forget to avail the offers brought to you by a number of sellers listed on our site.

Features: Glucocard 01 Sensor Test Strip

  • GLUCOCARD 01 SENSOR 5039S- Trustrips
Product Details
Manufacturer ARKRAY
Manufacturer Part Number K383746
Brand Glucocard
Model Number DBW13
Colour Name Multi-colour
Colour Multicolour
Target Gender Unisex
Theme glucometerglucocardo1glucocard01 miniglucocard tes
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 500 grams

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