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God is a Gamer

God is a Gamer

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Penguin
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Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars
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    Another block buster from the John Grisham of India, Ravi Subramanian. A banker and a writer by profession, Ravi has once again successfully brought out a deadly crime thriller, the story spanning over two most powerful democracies of the world.

    Storyline: It starts with the stories of two powerful families based in India and USA. Both of them so powerful that they can influence Government decisions and used to siphon off huge public money into their personal accounts using the underworld illegal trade activities and technology. Aditya Rao, proprietor of a BPO unit in India having New York International Bank as its client runs into trouble when its internal system is hacked by some unknown techies resulting in its customers losing huge sums of money from the ATMs in USA. While investigating this case, the FBI trips on another interesting case that unearths a BITCOIN scandal (a kind of free virtual currency used as an alternative to existing currencies in the world) being used to traffic drugs, arms, child pornography etc on a undetectable email network called Cotton Trail, hosted by parent server TOR, somewhere in Ukraine. The founder of this Cotton Trail/BITCOINS, Gillian Tan, also a senator in US Government gets eliminated by his co-founder cum room mate, who happens to be a young, clever, talented, sex-starved Tanya, the only daughter of the CEO of NYIB India. FBI with the help of Indian CBI traces down the roots of both the cases and finds a common link, eventually. The final conclusion reveals that all the game is masterminded by Aditya’s son Varun, who happens to be the boy-friend of Gloria, daughter of Senator Gillian as a revenge on behalf of his girl friend and in-order to retrieve all of Gillian’s accumulated bitcoins to become one of the youngest billionaires of the world. He goes un-traced by both FBI and CBI, despite their most employed tech savvy investigation method, while Tanya gets arrested after being cleverly exposed by Varun in a game of love.

    Pros: The beautiful talent of the writer to start off his books with two different unrelated stories and end up with clever linkage of the two with lot of surprising twists and turns remains the strength of this book too. The kind of research that the author has put in to bring out the concept of BITCOINS into the world for the first time is simply un-matched. Every reader of this book would be exposed to the dangerous corporate financial scandals of today and the roots of such scandals which often are nothing else but the extensive greed of the top brass to amass huge wealth beyond their capacities coupled with their physical lusts that lead to the disasters in the end. Its like falling in their own ditches. One would get a feeling that the top management of the financial world or for that matter, any industry is full of explicit relationships and unquenchable thirst to amass wealth that would finally pull them down and finally put an end to their lavish lives, once it crosses a desired limit.

    Cons: The intelligent escape of the prime culprit escaping the punishment in the end seemed to be unjustified to me. Though Varun’s actions were based on a revenge on the step-father of Gloria (Gillian Tan), his deeds have resulted in deaths of several innocent lives, who were not at all connected to the scandals. He should have been brought to justice. The author’s question “IS REVENGE A CRIME? “ can be answered with a YES if the revenge was filled with the birth of several other revenges in return.

    My rating is 4 out of 5
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  2.  A Journey of Scandals, Murders, Heists and Money Laundering 26 October, 2014 On

    Book Review: God Is A Gamer by Ravi Subramanian: A Journey of Scandals, Murders, Heists and Money Laundering

    God Is A Gamer by Ravi Subramanian is a crime story plotted in an international arena involving political leaders of the United States and India; investigation agencies of both the countries and some high level banking professionals. There are many interesting characters in the story. Their journey starts in isolation in the beginning chapters of the story but later all the links between them come into light gradually. Story starts with an international bank NYIB (New York International Bank) with its operations in India. Three friends - Aditya, Swami and Sundeep. Aditya and Sundeep move out of the bank and start their own organization eTIOS to handle banking operations as an outsourced agency. NYIB is the first bank to outsource them for their operations. Aditya and Sundeep are also engaged in running their gaming industry launching online games from time to time.

    Swami was aspiring to become overall operations head in a short time until he gets a big jerk in his career, when Malvika (his boss) sends a confidential negative report about his performance to the Asia Pacific Headquarter of the bank. This all resulted from a heist that takes place in the country and customers lose money in fake money withdrawals through ATMs from their account. Then there are murders, more heists on a larger scale, involvement of many international names in scandals, murders, heists etc.

    My View:
    I became a die hard fan of Ravi Subramanian when I first read his book The Bankster (reviewed here) in November 2012. This is fifth fiction novel from Ravi and all of his stories revolve around crime related to banking in one way or the other. Having a large amount of his career spent in various portfolios in banking, he is probably aware of in and out of banking business. He also has a non fiction to his credit. Overall story is quite interesting and keep you hooked to the plot throughout 300+ pages. The virtual money floating over the internet in large amounts is an interesting bit in the story.

    Somewhere in the story, Varun visits Tanya's residence and is stopped abruptly when he is taking a bottle of wasabi nuts from one of the shelves in the kitchen to taste some nuts. Varun likes Wasabi Nuts and hence could not stop himself for this action. Tanya immediately stops him with a reason that the bottle has crossed its expiry date and hence let him not take nuts from this bottle. She brings another bottle for him. This is something that Ravi would have kept as a point to be talked about at the end when the suspense is being disclosed, but probably forgot it or skipped it.

    You will feel it a quick read and running the book faster as each chapter is not more than 2-3 pages. Otherwise also story has been kept crisp and moving at a right pace to keep you engaged throughout. The story is about good and bad, crime and investigation, law and violations. Bigger the crime, more is the research and analysis required to reach to the crux of crime and criminals. Ravi might have plans to come out with a sequel to tackle Varun later. As far as title is concerned, more than God, it is the human mind that is behind all crime related plannings and executions. The crime becomes so big that law is forced to crack it but still a criminal with a different bend of mind is still able to play with the law and give a twist to the final outcome.
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