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God Save the Dork

God Save the Dork

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Penguin Random House India
God Save the Dork is the sequel to the popular book written by Sidin Vadukut - Dork: The Incredible Adventures of Robin 'Einstein' Varghese. The stories revolve around a young management executive, fresh out of management school, trying to claw his way up the corporate ladder.The problem with Robin Varghese is that though he has a high opinion of his own abilities, he is unable to translate these into actions. In this book, Robin Varghese is sent to London by his company, Dufresne Partners, to work on the Lederman account.His life there is complicated at every turn. He falls in love with a young management intern, is blackmailed by a hotel IT manager to help him land a job at Lederman, and his attempts to soak in high culture through visits to British museums seem jinxed.He tries various methods to get the attention of the young co-worker, but fails. To complicate things, he is embarrassed by his misadventures with a wax statue, his inadvertently carrying his clip-on microphone to plac ... See more
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