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Godrej GME 20 CM2 FJZ Microwave Oven-Black

Godrej GME 20 CM2 FJZ Microwave Oven-Black

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Brand Godrej
Model Number GME 20CM2 FJZ
Colour Black
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About Godrej Microwave 20L Convection - GME 20CM2 FJZ

Godrej, one of the best home and kitchen appliance brands in India offers Microwave 20L Convection - GME 20CM2 FJZ which is perfect for the modern day homemakers. Godrej’s Microwave 20L Convection - GME 20CM2 FJZ is a convection based microwave oven with a capacity adequate for the average modern family. It is the best kitchen appliance online for people who are looking out for a convection oven. You can browse through Junglee and compare prices of various sellers for Microwave 20L Convection - GME 20CM2 FJZ by Godrej.

Godrej has been in the forefront in making products using new technologies and modern designs. This convection based microwave oven has a floral door design to suit any kind of modern kitchen decor. Its stainless steel cavity ensures proper radiation of heat, giving out perfectly cooked dishes, every time. It is programmed with 11 power levels which give you full control over the way you want to cook a particular dish. This is further aided by the 125 multi-cuisine pre-set cooking menus. It is a ‘grill’ model and is equipped with the rotisserie function. It means that not only can you bake in this oven, but also switch from using the traditional tawa to the microwave function with ease.

Godrej’s Microwave 20L Convection has the defrost mode for frozen food along with a ‘reheat’ mode for warming up cooked food. It has a keep warm mode to maintain temperature for up to one and a half hours. There is a combination cooking feature which mimics the use of dry heat and moist heat for cooking. The presence of the digital display lets you set cooking time more accurately. You can program the microwave to cook later too. The beep reminder repeats every minute after the cooking process is complete, letting you focus on other activities in the meanwhile.

The auto-deodorizer removes all the unwanted odour from the oven. This microwave has been designed with a child lock feature, keeping in mind the safety of children. The inbuilt auto-protect quickly cuts off power supply to the microwave in the event of a malfunction. You can bring home one of the best microwave ovens in India after a quick price comparison on Junglee, which will suggest the most optimum seller based on ratings and price. You might also find some amazing deals and offers by a few sellers on other products that you may like.

Overview: Godrej GME 20 CM2 FJZ Microwave Oven-Black

Using a microwave instead of the traditional cooking devices is bound to save you a considerable amount of time. After all, you lead a hectic life and as such, you need to have an appliance that cooks fast without leaving a mess for you to clean up. The Godrej GME 20CM2FJZ Convection Microwave is one such model that can help you prepare mouth-watering dishes in a short time. It is a well built machine and offers quite a few features to make cooking a delightful experience for you.

MultiStage Cooking enables you to cook a complex dish in one go

Gone are the days when you had to go through a number of stages in order to prepare a single dish. Now, with this Godrej microwave you can cook a dish in one go. This is possible because of the MultiStage Cooking feature which enables you to set the entire cooking sequence at once. The appliance will move from one stage to another automatically, without you having to stand and monitor it.

Auto Reminder tells you when cooking is complete

Now there is no chance of forgetting about any item you have left in the oven. There is the Auto Reminder feature in the microwave, which ensures that a beep sounds every minute once the cooking is complete. Hence, you can come back to the microwave as soon as you hear the beep and complete other chores in the meantime.

Crusty Plate ensures the food is crispy

This convection microwave includes a Crusty Plate, which, when used in the microwave mode, can serve all cooking purposes. It has a non-stick surface, which means the food will not stick to the surface. Moreover, it also acts like a tawa, which makes your food crispy.

Vertical Rotisserie enables you to prepare large quantities of food

The Godrej microwave also comes with a Vertical Rotisserie, which has a circular base along with four vertical skewers. This makes it convenient to be placed on the turntable for convection. Moreover, the device comes with a number of skewers, which help you cook large quantities of food at one go, ensuring that microwave cooking helps you prepare meals faster than any traditional cooking method.

Features: Godrej GME 20 CM2 FJZ Microwave Oven-Black

  • Type: Convection
Product Details
Manufacturer Godrej
Manufacturer Part Number Godrej 20 L Convection Microwave Oven GME 20CM2 FJZ
Brand Godrej
Model Number GME 20CM2 FJZ
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 36 Months Standard Manufacturer Warranty on Magnetron
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded-Electric
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 39.5 cm x 45.2 cm x 26.2 cm

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