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Godrej InstaCook GMX 30 CA1 SIM Microwave Oven

Godrej InstaCook GMX 30 CA1 SIM Microwave Oven

Brand Godrej
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Overview: Godrej InstaCook GMX 30 CA1 SIM Microwave Oven

You can simplify your cooking process and save both a lot of time and energy with the help of Godrej InstaCook GMX 30 CA1 SIM Microwave Oven. This Godrej microwave oven comes packed with features that allow you wide latitude in the kitchen. One of the most advantageous features is the 50 preset menus. You can now prepare mouthwatering dishes at the touch of a button with this Instacook oven. Even if you are not an expert or just an occasional cook, you can surprise and delight your guests with these tasty dishes. The digital display allows you to easily set the machine and monitor it.

This functional microwave oven offers jet defrost and weight defrost. You can easily and quickly defrost all frozen food items by setting the time or the weight. The vertical rotisserie has further increased the utility of the gadget. It comes with four vertical skewers which you can place on the turntable. It ensures that the food is grilled evenly and quickly. The stainless steel grill rack allows you to put the food closer to the grill, giving it a delicious golden hue.

This is a hugely time saving microwave oven. The multistage cooking feature allows you to set up to 3 stages of cooking with a single touch. So, you can attend to your other chores as the oven automatically moves to the next stage. The preset cooking allows you to set the machine to cook at a later time. So, you can wake up to the delicious aroma of fresh coffee. The express cooking feature allows you to start cooking without setting the time. It is especially beneficial in reheating food. This oven is extremely easy to clean. The stainless steel interior cavity is highly reflective and can be wiped cleaned. This in turn increases the durability of the appliance.

You can now purchase online this oven and start cooking delicious dishes.

Features: Godrej InstaCook GMX 30 CA1 SIM Microwave Oven

  • Capacity : 30 ltrs and Above
  • CATEGORY : Microwave Ovens
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Brand Godrej

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