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Godrej Direct Cool Refrigerator RD Edge Pro 240 PDS 5.1 - Lush Silver

Godrej Direct Cool Refrigerator RD Edge Pro 240 PDS 5.1 - Lush Silver

Brand Godrej
Model Number 240 PDS 5.1
Colour Silver
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Overview: Godrej Direct Cool Refrigerator RD Edge Pro 240 PDS 5.1 - Lush Silver

Are you tired of feeling embarrassed whenever your friends or relatives visit and question you about the odor coming from your refrigerator? Are you finding it difficult to get a good night's sleep because of the loud booming noise that your refrigerator is producing? Do you get annoyed when you come home after a stressful workout and find that the bottle of fruit juice you had kept hours ago in the fridge is still luke-warm? Then it is time to get rid of your older model and opt for the new Godrej Direct Cool Refrigerator RD Edge Pro 240 PDS 5.1 Refrigerator! This model is filled with unique features! It is stylish to look at, sturdy and is sustainable for a long period of time. The design is simple yet elegant and is suitable for any home. It's unique style will blend in easily in any form of interior design.

This model contains double doors that have a glossy finish with a lock. The handle is designed with unique innovation that makes it very easy to open and close. Its antifungal gasket is easily removable and can be washed from time to time to keep it fresh. The antifungal gasket is an essential feature of this product as it prevents bacteria, fungi and other germs from contaminating the food. This allows your food to be fresh and hygienic for a longer period of time. It has a total capacity of storing two hundred and forty litres of water for cooling. It also comes with a transparent crisper which allows you to see your stock of fruits and vegetables without taking the extra effort of opening the crisper. The three shelves that this model includes are made of toughened glass, and so they can take the load of heavy objects such as pots, utensils, and pans. It also comes with five door pockets and a base stand drawer. You can also enjoy a chilled glass of your favourite beverage by adding cubes of ice as this refrigerator also includes an ice cube tray that freezes water 50 % quicker than other refrigerators. It also contains a vegetable box to store your vegetables, a deep door and a wider top table. The Humidity Control feature keeps your food items such as fruits and vegetables in a state of optimal moisture. This makes the fruits and vegetables more tasty and nutritious. To solve the problem of odor and prevent you from further getting embarrassed, this model comes with a unique feature called 'Aroma Lock.' Yes, as the name suggests, it is a unique Carbon Palladium deodorizer that eliminates bad odour by destroying the ethylene trapped inside the fridge and keeps the air inside the refrigerator clean and fresh. The freezer contains one shelf that is made of plastic and two door pockets for your convenience. This refrigerator also comes with a dry shelf that allows you to store vegetables that don't necessarily need cooling to be fresh.

To further give testimony to its quality, the Direct Cool Pack feature included in this refrigerator maintains the temperature even during a power outage up to sixty minutes and helps in preventing your foodstuff from rotting. Because of this unique feature, this appliance was given a four star energy efficiency rating award by BEE as it uses minimum energy thereby, saving electricity and saving a significant amount from your expenses. It is a stabilizer-free refrigerator that operates between 130 to 160 bolts So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, enjoy the benefits of the brand new Godrej Direct Cool Refrigerator RD Edge Pro 240 PDS 5.1 Refrigerator as it is available for purchase online. This product will be delivered at your doorstep in no time once the order is placed.

Features: Godrej Direct Cool Refrigerator RD Edge Pro 240 PDS 5.1 - Lush Silver

  • Single Door
  • 240 L
  • 201 - 250 L
  • Environment Friendly- 100% CFC, HCFC and HFC Free, Protects Ozone Layer
  • Stabilizer Free operation between 130-260 V.
Product Details
Manufacturer Godrej
Brand Godrej
Model Number 240 PDS 5.1
Colour Name Lush silver
Colour Silver
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded-Electric
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 66.7 cm x 57.7 cm x 148.2 cm

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