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Godrej Split AC 1.5T 3 Star Ruby Streak GSC18FR3WLT

Godrej Split AC 1.5T 3 Star Ruby Streak GSC18FR3WLT

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Overview: Godrej Split AC 1.5T 3 Star Ruby Streak GSC18FR3WLT

Beat the heat with the Godrej 1.5Ton Split AC GSC 18FR 3 WLT air conditioner. This air cooler is a highly efficient and feature packed electrical appliance.

Apart from providing a comfortable temperature inside your building, this Godrej electrical appliance also has a 3-star rating for energy efficiency. This Godrej Split AC uses Active Carbon Deodorizer to reduce energy consumption. It increases the temperature by 1 degree Celsius per hour for the first two hours.

The Air Purifier for instance, sucks in unhealthy air that is filtered and pushed out and fresh, clean air. At the same time, the Catechin Filter fights bacteria and help deodorization with its anti-oxidant, anti-viral properties.

After a power failure, you don't have to switch on the AC after power returns. The Auto Restart feature restarts the air cooler automatically and retains the operation settings that were there before the power cut.

While you have to set the timer in hours in most air conditioners, the Godrej GSC 18FR 3 WLT uses real time to set the timer. This is a convenient feature that can save you from miscalculations. The Auto Clean function of this home appliance helps remove the residual water from the evaporator.

You must have experienced air conditioners that provide cooling unevenly. In this Godrej AC, you just need to switch on Air Swing, and it will spread the cooling evenly in the room. You can control the direction of airflow by adjusting the opening angles of the louvers.

Then, there are four different modes for you to choose according to your requirements. The Auto Mode assesses the atmospheric temperature and judges the right settings. If you set this home appliance to the Dry Mode, it frees the room from excess humidity. Then there are the Sleep Mode and the Turbo mode for instant cooling. With so many options, you just cannot miss this Godrej AC. So buy online today.

Features: Godrej Split AC 1.5T 3 Star Ruby Streak GSC18FR3WLT

  • Star Rating : 3 Stars
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Manufacturer Godrej
Brand Godrej

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