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Godrej Split AC 1T 3 Star Champagne GSC12FC3WMZ

Godrej Split AC 1T 3 Star Champagne GSC12FC3WMZ

Wattage 3,375 Watts
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About Godrej Split AC 1T 3 Star Champagne GSC12FC3WMZ

If your old air conditioner has been giving you problems lately, Godrej Split AC can be an ideal choice for you and your family. Get your air conditioner replaced by an efficient and advanced Godrej Split air conditioner. Experience an AC that gives you faster cooling and uninterrupted functioning like never before. Use the different modes of temperature to suit your need.

The Godrej Split AC 1 T 3 Star is equipped with several key features and has a hydraulic evaporator fin; the AC comes with a cooling capacity of 3,375 Watts. The memory function helps during power cuts, while due to the Auto Restart feature; the air conditioner restarts automatically after a power cut. The Anti-dust filter sucks in impure air, releasing pure and fresh air to breathe. The Active Carbon Deodorizer eliminates odours and deactivates harmful gases. The sleep mode reduces energy consumption, during which the temperature increases by 1 Celsius per hour for the first two hours.

The Dry mode feature dehumidifies and helps relieve excess humidity in the room. In the Godrej Split AC, the remote control comes with an inbuilt clock which allows you to set the timer in real time, unlike in hours. Through the stepped louvers, the direction of the air flow can be well adjusted and you can get air towards the direction you desire. The AC swing sees to it that there is proper circulation of air in the room. Godrej Split AC 1 T 3 Star is indeed an air conditioner that doesn’t just boast but also demonstrates efficiency at its best. So to experience its cooling effects in your room buy this excellent choice of AC online after comparing prices on Junglee.

Overview: Godrej Split AC 1T 3 Star Champagne GSC12FC3WMZ

Efficient Cooling:
The Godrej Split AC GSC12FC3WMZ has a capacity of 1 ton and provides efficient cooling to beat the heat. The indoor unit of this air conditioner is sleek and comes packed with useful modes to make your summers more bearable. With stepped louvres that can be adjusted stepwise to direct the air flow, it ensures that the air reaches every corner of the room. The even air swing provides all-round cool to make this 1 ton AC the star of every home.
Advanced Functionality:
By using the auto mode, this split AC automatically adjusts the settings based on the difference between the ambient temperature and set temperature. When the Dry mode is activated, the air conditioner functions as a dehumidifier to reduce the overall humidity level in the room. Also, in case of a power cut, the memory function retains the settings as before and activates them as soon as the power returns thanks to the auto restart option. The built-in On/Off timer of this split AC lets you set the real time value for on and off and bright LED panel displays the settings clearly.
Easy Maintenance:
The Nano meter catalyst filter of this Godrej AC absorbs unpleasant odour, viruses and other unwanted vapours and then neutralizes them to provide fresh air every time. The odours and harmful gases are also eliminated by the active carbon deodorizer. Additionally, an anti-dust filter sucks in the unclean air in the room to pump out pure air that is safe for you and your entire family.
Smart Power Consumption:
This 1 ton AC works on a regular supply voltage and needs a power input of 1148 watts to reach its cooling capacity of 3375 watts. It consumes less power using the Sleep mode, wherein the temperature is increased by 1-degree every hour to circulate air that is at a normalised temperature and still comfortable enough for a healthy sleep. Check out great deals and quick delivery when you shop for this Godrej air conditioner online.

Features: Godrej Split AC 1T 3 Star Champagne GSC12FC3WMZ

  • Noise level 42H/40M/38L
  • Dehumidifying Volume 1.4 Lts/hr
  • Air Flow Volume 500 CMH
  • Power Supply 230/1/50 Volts/Phase/Hour
  • Air Swing :Yes
Product Details
Manufacturer Godrej
Brand Godrej
Colour Name Multicolour
Wattage 3,375 Watts
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded Electric
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 38.5 kg
Product Dimensions 79 cm x 24.5 cm x 54 cm

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