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Godrej Split AC 1T 5 Star Green GSC12FG7BMG

Godrej Split AC 1T 5 Star Green GSC12FG7BMG

Colour Green
Wattage 912 Watts
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Overview: Godrej Split AC 1T 5 Star Green GSC12FG7BMG

An Advanced Cooling System:
The Godrej Split AC GSC12FG7BMG has a stylish frame and comes loaded with a wide range of useful features to ensure that you beat the heat this summer. This 1 ton AC makes use of stepped louvres, which can be adjusted to control the direction of the air flow. In an optimum environment, it is capable of directing the air in every corner of the room to ensure all round cooling. This split AC employs a LED panel display that also comes with multi temperature display that displays the ambient and the set temperature alternatively at the touch of a button. When operating in the Auto mode, the air conditioner selects the ideal settings depending on the room's ambient temperature. On a hot day, when you step in from outside, you can set it to Turbo mode to achieve super fast cooling whereas the Dry mode alleviates the humidity in the room to provide crisp, cool air. Moreover, with its silent operation, this Godrej AC cools the room without making any noise and lets you sleep peacefully.
Hassle-Free Maintenance:
Thanks to three different types of filters, this air conditioner lets you enjoy clean air devoid of bacteria and fungi. The catechin filter has antioxidant attributes and deodorises the air naturally, and the silver ion filter effectively controls the growth of microbes like spores and virus to keep the air free from harmful organisms. The revolutionary anti-dust filter sucks in the dust, in the air to pump out dust-free air back into the room. This AC also comes with an auto clean function that blows the evaporated water residue away, thereby preventing the formation of mold and fungi.
This energy-efficient AC needs a power input of 912 watts and has a cooling capacity of 3375 watts. It comes with a Green Sleep feature, which increases the temperature by 1-degree per hour for the first two hours and then holds it constant to provide the perfect cooling without wasting energy. You can now purchase this Godrej air conditioner online and stay cool this season in an Eco-friendly way.

Features: Godrej Split AC 1T 5 Star Green GSC12FG7BMG

  • Star Rating : 5 Stars
Product Details
Manufacturer Godrej
Brand Godrej
Model Number GSC 12 FG 7 BMG
Colour Green
Wattage 912 Watts
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded Electric
Power Adapter Included Yes
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 35 kg
Product Dimensions 30 cm x 82 cm x 54 cm

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