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The Gods Must Be Crazy 2

The Gods Must Be Crazy 2

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Language English
Video Format DVD
Genre Comedy
Number Of Discs 1
Cricket Syndication Prod
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  1.  The God is the craziest 25 June, 2014 On
    Well after long time, I am writing something. Life kept me busy or I didn't intend to come up with any new thought myself. The cruel kindness of the circumstances has appeased me a little bit I guess. Life is predictable and there are no coincidences - yeah I believe this to a certain extent. I believe in the vastness of the creation. I have been watching certain things lately which have convinced me about that subtle ordered disorder in life and that is required. There is enormous craziness in sanity. If you have something, the antithesis must exist. Lie comes with a truth. Hate comes with Love. Anger comes with humbleness. The point I am trying to make is that apparently something that looks "something" is not that something that e we actually perceives , it is actually a weird phenomenon and I would call it as a phenomenon of oxymoron. I may be perceived as a clown while stating such things. But if you look at this closely, the idea of shallowness begets the idea of depth. Someone perceived shallowness because he knew what could gravity be, depth be.

    I was watching this movie "The Gods Must be Crazy' the other day and I found this hilarious. The events described in the movie would actually make you believe that The Gods must have been crazy but that craziness has subtle intelligence infested in it. This creation is weaved by amazingly talented hands, and its grandeur can't be questioned. On the contrary the movie had butterflies in my stomach. There are crazy things and there are things which are diversified that exist together and that's what I call co-existence. The film is full of ironies and full of joyous moments. I started with the idea of contradiction and I started with the idea of craziness, in the wake of that I realized that the equilibrium explains this all. There is a guy Bushman living in the villages of "Kalahari" in Southern Africa , he doesn't know about the world which we know about. He just lives, he fears god, he is unarmed, he depends on ecosystem for his livelihood. He perceives a GOD of different kind. Some crazy thing happens and he becomes a part of it. There is another world which is quite unaware of the existence of "Bushman". These are civic people living in the cities and town and enjoying the magnificence of science. A set of people who are called revolutionaries are trying to disrupt the governance and a set of people are trying to maintain the government. So there are conflicting ideas and this has always been the nature of society. In Bushman tribe there s no competition and the civic world is enthused with the sense of competition every second, every moment.

    The tribal people are so naïve, they don’t understand the value of money, and actually they don’t need it. In their world nobody buys and nobody sells. They live with love and affection and cohesion. They believe more in distribution instead of appropriation. They share things, they are compassionate. In civilized world there is no sharing only confiscation, appropriation, civilized thefts, character degradation. However the movie doesn't talk about the dark aspects of society, it just blends humor in worldly ways and diversity.

    Having watched this , I realized that The Gods must have been crazy but that craziness was designed , it wanted to keep some pristine emotions intact, it wanted to infest the life with diversity, it wanted to establish equilibrium. Watch it.
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