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Gofitindia 30076 Gym Accessories

Gofitindia 30076 Gym Accessories

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Overview: Gofitindia 30076 Gym Accessories

Too busy to join a gym and keep up with its schedule? Can't take out a particular hour every day to work out? Well, the home gym equipments by Go Fit are here to change that. The 20 Kg Rubber Weight Plates + 2 Dumbbell rods are the ideal weightlifting equipment one needs at home. This is neither too heavy and nor too light and gives just the right amount of exercise everyday without straining the muscles beyond their capacity. This product is here to keep you fit and toned up without having to go the gym.

These dumbbells along with dumbbell rods are very helpful in keeping a regular routine to stay fit. They do not strain you much to be tired and weary and hence, does not make you think to cut some slack in the training process. The weights are made of high quality material which is sure to last really long. It also ensures durability with rough handling and negates the necessity to store them properly.

These weights can be attached on either side of the rod and screwed tight and intact. It also has the advantage of being detachable which makes it very easy to pack and carry around. Now no more excuses for not being able to work out as you were not home. Just dissemble the dumbbells and you are good to go. It also has the added advantage that different weights can be attached to the rods. This enables you to buy different sets of weight while using the same rod and hence, is an effective cost and material management technique.

You need not buy a pair of rods for every new weight that you will purchase in future. This is the start of something good and that something good is keeping in shape. Plan your workout according to these weights and stick to the daily target to achieve positive results. These dumbbells are bound to make you look good and make you feel happier. Isn't that what we want at the end of a long, tiring day? And when that can be achieved by as simple a task as working out then why not? Take the first step today and order this superior quality dumbbells from Go Fit.

Go Fit is a sports and gym equipment manufacturing company which has its product and services in many countries. It manufactures a variety of products spanned across categories like for personal use or for public use e.g. public gym equipment and even for professionals: trainers or otherwise and the products are available for both sexes. It has a huge inventory which has something suitable for everybody. It is known for its quality products which are sturdy and durable. These 20 kg dumbbells with rods are no exception. Get your hands on these today and enjoy a healthy and fit lifestyle.

These dumbbells are available online at and look for the code B009WLQPH0 to locate this product on the website.

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  1. 3 of 3 people found this review helpful
     Excellent addition to any home gym 27 August, 2013 On
    After deciding to add weight training to my regimen as body weight was not fully achieving the strength goals I had set to achieve, I was in the market for a beginner set of weights. I came across this set and even though I knew that 20kg will not be enough after 2-3 months of constant training, I decided to test the waters using the base version.

    The set is excellent for a beginner with easy to grip dumbbell rods, good finish for the weight locks and the possibility of supporting heavier weight plates in the future once you "grow out" of the 20 kg plates.

    My only gripe with this is that sometimes handling the weight plates seems to leave a residue on your fingers, which smell like a petrol-based paint / soot. If the sellers can also add a good case to hold the weight plates and handles, it will be easier to transport. But at this pricepoint its great to begin weight training.
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  2.  EXCELLENT 7 October, 2013 On
    This product is amazing. I just love it. It is the best thing for the beginners and price is also very low. The best thing is you can add weight and it is very comfortable.
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