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Gol Gol Nimbuah

Gol Gol Nimbuah

Format Video CD
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Product Description

This film from Nice Music is a delightful entertainer. Now you can even purchase the video CD of Gol Gol Nimbua online quite easily. This motion picture has been directed by Samar Mukherjee and stars Jyoti Rani. If you like all-out entertainment, then this film is a must have. After all, your collection of VCDs and DVDs could also do with a bit of diversity. So in your private collection, you may as well place this entertainer along with mainstream Bollywood and Hollywood flicks. Bhojpuri cinema is quite popular not only in Bihar, but also in Uttar Pradesh and even Nepal. In fact, the language is not only spoken in parts of north India but also in countries like Guyana, Suriname, Fiji and Mauritius. Bhojpuri films have recently become extremely popular and some of them even have a cult following. Packed with drama, action and songs, these movies provide loads of entertainment and fun.

Gol Gol Nimbua is a drama that promises to delight you at every single step. The VCD is priced quite affordably and offers a great return on investment. Samar Mukherjee is a well known director who knows what it takes to make a good film. Apart from directing, he has a flair for writing and has been involved with a significant number of projects. This VCD of Gol Gol Nimbua has been brought out by Moser Baer, a company which has carved out quite a reputation for itself in India. Over the years, Moser Baer has released a significant number of home video titles at affordable rates. This company offers VCDs of films in almost all popular languages of India. Not only that Moser Baer has also released DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Its proprietary and patented technology ensures the best quality at the most reasonable price. Therefore, if you are looking forward to unwind after a hard day's work, what better way than to sit back and enjoy this Bhojpuri video CD of Gol Gol Nimbua. The picture quality is crystal clear and the audio is fantastic too. You will feel that you are watching this film in a movie theatre.

Bhojpuri films are every bit as delightful as Bollywood potboilers. They have every ingredient that is necessary to make a masala film. From a melodramatic storyline to high voltage action sequences, these films keep you glued to your seats. Additionally they also have foot tapping chartbusters that are sure to make you groove. However, the main component of Bhojpuri cinema is their stylised and elaborate dance sequences. Beautifully shot, the dance sequences will make you rewind for a second viewing. Gol Gol Nimbua promises everything that you desire from a mainstream film. Buy this VCD online and cherish it as a prized possession.

Directed by Samar Mukherjee and produced by Nice Music, Gol Gol Nimbua can well be your introduction to the kind of cinema that is popular in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. After all, shouldn't we familiarise ourselves with the rich and diverse culture of our own country? And cinema provides the best form of introduction to any culture.

Key Feature

Directed by Samar Mukherjee

Produced by Nice Music

Movie VCD

Manufactured by Moser Baer

Product Details
Format Video CD
Genre Drama
Director(s) Samar Mukherjee
Producer(s) Nice Music
No of Discs 1

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