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Golden pearl double line anklet

Golden pearl double line anklet

Material pearl
Colour Gold
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Overview: Golden pearl double line anklet

Anklets, ankle bracelets or ankle chain is a beautiful accessory that has its own history. Throughout the ancient days in India, Arab and Egypt, both men women wore ankle bracelets. In ancient Egypt, wealthy people adorned themselves with necklace, bracelets and anklets. Moreover, in Middle East, women wore anklets with bells on it. In India, anklets were used with bells around it to highlight the dance of a courtesan and to seduce men. Not only this, anklets are also popular in the US. However, they wear it like a chain around the ankle and it is not as flashier as we wear in India.

Silver Anklets:

For everyday use silver anklets is a great choice. Moreover, silver jewelries are also elegant and classy. One can find silver anklets adorned with stones such as precious and semi precious one. Some of them are adorned with beads, crystals and charms too. A silver anklet has its own style property. They are simple, wider, bold and much more.

Gold Anklets:

Gold anklets are the most famous amongst other metal anklets. Though it is a bit expensive but it is worth the price. Gold anklets are classy and it is appropriate for those who are allergic to other metals. However, not everyone can afford gold anklets. But, if you want to buy gold anklets in a cheaper rate than online market is a place where you can find the right choice. Gold and gold plated anklets have become a rage these days. If you can't afford to buy a gold anklet than you can go for a plated one. Gold plated anklets are in fashion and every woman around the world wears it.

How to wear them:

Considering the size and style, you must keep in mind that your anklets must be comfortable to wear. It must fit above or below your ankles depends on what you like loose, or snuggle. Whether you want your anklets with small trinkets or just plain depend on the environment in what you wear. For instance, if you are wearing it for a wedding ceremony then trinket will suit but, if you are wearing it for other outdoor activities such as going to an office then trinkets are just a big NO. Some other types of anklets are also available these days such as leather anklets, beaded, and nylon anklets, etc. These anklets are best suited for casual wear. All these anklets have their own appeal, while leather anklets have a bohemian appeal beaded anklets are youthful and nylon ones are classy.

Mirraw's Golden Pearl Double Line Anklet:

Golden pearl double line anklets from are fashionable yet classic piece of jewelry. It is both appealing and affordable. Wearing a gold plated anklet surrounded by pearls and stones is a precious piece of accessory loved by every woman.

Key Features:

These fantastic anklets are 20cm long that uses copper wire to interweave metal beads. This enhances the beauty of it that matches every outfit and catches every eye. Women love to wear this type of anklet as it comes in an affordable price that fits properly within anyone's budget. There is no need to go to every brick and mortar shop and search for your dream anklets as this becomes easy with online shopping websites. Whether you plan to wear flip-flops or sandals this anklet will go well with every item. Once you decide to buy this anklet, make sure you know how to protect this piece of jewelry.

As these anklets are made from gold plating, pearl and stone, you should take care of it. One must keep it clean, dry and dirt free. Place it in a plastic pouch after every use. Cleaning it with a soft cotton cloth and preventing it from sprays, perfumes, heat and moisture will give it a new life. Once you put this piece of jewelry in this way, it will last for a longer time.

Product Details
Material pearl
Colour Gold

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