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Goldluck 24 Pcs Melamine Dinner Set

Goldluck 24 Pcs Melamine Dinner Set

Brand Gold Luck
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Overview: Goldluck 24 Pcs Melamine Dinner Set

Now serve food to your guests in a special and proper way by using this beautiful and elegant dinner set from Goldluck. For years, this brand has designed a wide range of dinner sets  for their  customers. This time, they are back with this high quality and stylish range of dinner sets. With this dinner set, your guests can enjoy their meals and you can add a dash of sophistication to your dining room.

Material and Design

This elegant Goldluck dinner set has been designed from premium quality melamine material. The use of beautiful vine design on the white surface of this dinner set makes it more attractive. The use of bright shade to do the vine design enhances the overall look of the set. The accurate design of this set facilitates the you to serve food up to six people at a time. The durable design of this dinner set helps your guests to enjoy foods comfortably. The high-end design with special square corners of this laurel vine dinner plates and bowls helps the user to hold it easily.

This 24-piece dinner set includes a set of big plates, quarter plates, bowls and spoons. On each plate, bowl , the users will come across bright floral design around the edges and middle of the dinner plates and bowls make it a perfect one to buy it for your home. If you do not have enough space on your table to use different types of plates, bowls for serving foods, then this exceptionally designed dinner set will facilitate you to serve food to your guests without occupying much space on the table.

This Goldluck set contains big dinner plates which facilitate you to serve foods like rice, breads and other food with ease. Along with this, the designers have included quarter plates in this dinner set. These plates allow you to serve fruits, cakes and snacks  easily. In this dinner set you will find a set of six stylish square bowls. Each bowl comes with a  convenient size and design which facilitates the user to serve the foods like custard, ice cream, soup, and curry. The designers have done beautiful and matching vine work in the bowls. Whether you are serving foods to your guests or your family member, now the serving and eating food has become more different.

 How to maintain

As this dinner set has been designed from a high quality melamine  and is white in colour, you need to be extra careful while using it. To maintain the graceful look of this dinner set, avoid rough handling. Once the dinner session is over, clean it with a scrubber and soap bar. Clean it properly using cold water. Never expose this dinner set before fire or heat, otherwise, it may damage the material. Once the cleaning is done, wipe the plates and bowls with a piece of clean, dry and soft cotton cloth. Try to keep the set away from oven or over heated places. Once the cleaning is done and the set is not in use, then place it in the kitchen drawers or in the utensil showcases. The users are suggested not to use sharp kitchen utensils like spoons and knives while using it. Now after buying this dinner set, you need not to hire dinner sets separately to serve food to your guests. If you want to buy this smart and stylish dinner set for your special or occasional dinner, buy Goldluck dinner set online.

Key features

This dinner set has been designed  from premium quality melamine material

Attractive and features bright vine design on the white base of the plates, bowls

This dinner set  includes dinner plates, quarter plates, bowls

Always use mild detergent solution and sponge scrubbers to clean the set

Wipe the set with a  piece of soft and dry cotton cloth

Light in weight and fashionable

The users can use this dinner set in commercial as well as residential food serving requirement

Product Details
Brand Gold Luck

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