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Electric Egg Cooker

Electric Egg Cooker

Brand Goodway
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Overview: Electric Egg Cooker

Do you have kids at home who love having boiled egg for breakfast? Then get home the Orange and White Electric Egg Cooker from the house of Goodway today and serve your kids with fresh boiled eggs everday.


This Goodway Orange and White Electric Egg Cooker is made of food grade plastic. It has an aluminum alloy PTC heater design. It comes in a bright combination of yellow and white. This egg cooker comes in a combination of orange and white with a translucent white lid. There is a power button cum indicator at the base of the unit. It has an eclipse type handle at the tip and the unit rests on four rubber stoppers. The holder has a capacity to hold five eggs at a time.

Key highlights

The boiler is made of food grade plastic that makes it safe to boil your eggs.

The boiler allows you to boil five eggs at a time.

It comes in an attractive design.

The high quality stainless steel heater serves you for long and gives best results.

The measuring cup with perforation pin checks the eggs from bursting during the process of steaming.

It comes with a boil dry and overheat protection.

The cooker can boil eggs just within 7 minutes.

The automatic cut-off function helps you save on the electricity bill.

The product comes with a 6-month manufacturer warranty.


This Orange and White Electric Egg Cooker is highly useful to make your healthier and nutritious breakfast. It is a perfect addition to your modern kitchen. It is made of good quality plastic that makes it extremely durable. It has a capacity to boil five eggs at a time in just 7 minutes. It comes in a compact size and occupies very little space on your kitchen counter. The stainless steel heater requires 200W power to operate with 25ml water. The perforations on the stainless steel egg holder checks the eggs from bursting during the process of steaming. The automatic cut off function switches off the device once the eggs are boiled and saves you from the hassle of checking it from time to time and then turning it off. It is a very useful product for everyday use. So shop this Goodway Electric Egg Cooker with Automatic Cut off Feature from the online store today.

How to use the egg boiler

The manual available inside the box explains in detail about how to operate the product. Place the eggs on the holder inside the base of the egg boiler and add water. Cover the lid of the boiler and plug it into the main power. Then switch on the power stitch on the body of the boiler. After removing the eggs from the cooker, allow it to cool for sometime before removing the cover. It is advisable to use drinking water to increases the life of the heater.

Benefits of eating boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are one of the healthiest snacks which can be taken on the go. Not only for adults, it is highly beneficial for kids as well. You can easily pack them in their lunch boxes as it takes very less time to boil. Boiled eggs have several benefits like. They are highly beneficial for your hair, eyes and nails. Eggs prevent macular degeneration. They are also known to lower the risk of cataracts. Eggs also contain sulphur and are a good source of vitamin D, along with other vital minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. This helps in healthy growth of hair and nails. Eggs are also good for brain function as they contain chlorine. Chlorine is known to regulate the brain, cardiovascular health and nervous system.

Maintenance and care

If you take proper care of the unit, then it will definitely serve you for a long time and make your daily task easier. First thing that you should keep in mind while using it is follow the instructions provided with the product. The unit needs to be cleaned with cold water and mild detergent using a soft sponge. Do not use any sharp object as it may damage the boiler. Air dry the same before using it for the next time.

About the brand

Goodway is an Indian brand that started it operation in the year 2009. It has one of its operating wings in Germany. It basically imports home appliances to India with the help of its various branch offices and distributors. The main aim of the company is to bring about a revolution in the Indian kitchens.

So buy this Purposeful Egg Boiler online with the help of which you can cook the eggs in minutes.

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Brand Goodway

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