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The Grand Design

The Grand Design

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher RHUK
The Grand Design starts by tracing the history of astronomy from the time of the Greeks and goes on to quantum mechanics, String Theory, and a Unified Theory of Everything.The authors ask the basic questions that have been asked by scientists and philosophers alike, across all cultures over millenia - why does the universe exist, how did it start, what are the laws that govern its existence, and so on.They discuss the latest scientific theories and ideas, and explain the M-Theory, which is the new candidate for a theory of everything. It is thought that the M-theory could unify all the five String Theories, which attempt to explain the universe on the basis of tiny vibrating strings.Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow explain that according to quantum mechanics, the history of the universe is not linear but there could in fact be a lot of different possibilities existing simultaneously. As every possible outcome of an event can actually be fact, the authors assert that we create histo ... See more
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  1.  Great For Amatuer Astrophysicst. 12 June, 2013 On
    This book covers almost all the concepts of Astronomy in simple language with sufficient images. Great for amatuer and hobbists.
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