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Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition (PS3)

Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition (PS3)

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Overview: Grand Theft Auto Iv: Complete Edition

Grand Theft Auto Series

Developed by Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), an action adventure game series is published by Rockstar Games. The games released in this series are plotted in fictional locations, and come with open-world design, where the player, in the place of the protagonist, can roam through the virtual city freely, and complete missions.

Grand Theft Auto IV is the eleventh title in the Grand Theft Auto series, and this is the Play station 3 version of it. Similar to the other games in the GTA series, GTA IV PS3 is also a non-linear game. This means that you will never run of choices for anything: for the places you choose to go or for the actions you are planning to take.

The Protagonist

Niko Bellic, the central character of this game, comes from Europe, and is an European war veteran. He comes to Liberty City to meet his cousin, Roman. He is depicted as a very decent person, who cares for his family members, and is very protective about them. Niko Bellic is also cynical; throughout this Play station 3 game, you can see him giving sarcastic remarks about American culture.

Liberty City

Liberty City is a fictional city, resembling New York. It has five boroughs: Broker, Dukes, Bohan, Alderney and Algonquin; and each street in this city contains a street sign with its name displayed on it. There are also three islands, namely Charge, Colony and Happiness. However, there is no desert or countryside in this city.

The Game

Roman lies to Niko that he lives in a mansion in Liberty City and he is filthy rich. Convinced by Roman, Niko comes to Liberty City only to find that none of it is true. With all the dreams of "luxurious living" shattered, Niko not only needs to find the man who betrayed his unit in a war, but also save Roman from his gambling debts.

Transform into Niko Bellic and discover all the corners of Liberty City. You can choose between paths, complete missions, and progress towards completion. For each mission or side-mission completed, you will get a reward or ammunition. Meanwhile, you (Niko) also have to save Roman from his loan sharks from time to time.

Complete missions with the tools available for you. Use the mobile phone for calling; surf the Internet (there are more than 100 websites incorporated into this game); and drive cars with GPS navigation systems. You (Niko) can also climb and descend telephone poles and exterior fire escapes. Apart from this, you can also buy pistols, shotguns and rifles from the underground gun shops located across the Liberty City. If you do not have the time to reach a shop, you can get the help of Little Jacob, who will come with a truckload of weapons for you to choose, that too in a spot near your current location.

To make the plot more realistic and lively, there are a lot of pedestrians featured in this game, who do everything that a real pedestrian normally does. You will meet new people as you progress through the game. There are totally 88 missions, out of which 8 are side missions. Kill gangsters; save Roman; save your (Niko's) girlfriends; and steal things that are needed for the moment. Be prepared to face attacks by Triads, the Mafia and Colombian Cartel. After getting attacked, you can also revive your health by eating, taking medicines or calling for paramedics.

To complete the main story, it will take 28 hours approximately, and with the extras it will take about 41 hours.

Become Niko Bellic! Forget the world around you and immerse yourself into a world of non-stop action!

Features: Grand Theft Auto Iv: Complete Edition

  • Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City features both of Grand Theft Auto IV's episodes - The Lost and Damned and the Ballad of Gay Tony
  • This Complete Edition offers more value than any other product at a discounted price point - 3 Grand Theft Auto games in 1 box with 100's of hours of single player and multiplayer gaming
  • The only offering that provides the full Grand Theft Auto IV experience featuring: Exclusive front of box art work for collectors and fans of the franchise
  • New Liberty City map and poster
  • New game manual
  • Xbox 360 features 2 game Discs - Grand Theft Auto IV on Disc 1 and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City on Disc 2
  • PlayStation 3 version features both Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City on 1 Blu-ray Disc
  • Games for Windows version features 4 game discs - 2 install discs, Grand Theft Auto IV on one disc and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City on another disc

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