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Great Stories for Children By Ruskin Bond

Great Stories for Children By Ruskin Bond

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Rupa
Great Stories for Children is a collection of short stories for children written by Ruskin Bond. Bond is one of the most popular authors of children's stories in India. His stories mostly revolve around animals and nature and find a ready echo in any child's heart. This book, Great Stories for Children, contains a collection of nearly 20 short stories about animals and young children. The animals and the young children alike annoy adults and fall into adventures. There is the story of the troublesome monkey Tutu who perpetually annoys Aunt Ruby, a pet python that scares people by suddenly turning up at the most unexpected places, a boy who loves tigers, and Himalayan bears that love pumpkins. There are also other stories - three kids trapped in a haunted house, a thief who steals from his employer but has a change of heart, a boy who can pick his choice of delicious wild fruits, but who yearns for a taste of peaches sold in the market. Then, there is the story of the boy who is trapped ... See more
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  1.  Stories based on manali are good 24 January, 2015 On
    It has good and logic found stories which also tells about Manali . The description about sunshine is good . Easy new words are added in it. Each pages of the book is well numbered . The cover of the book is very attractive with funny picture in green color which will attract the kids to open it to read the book.
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