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Green Hill Camel color High Ankle Length Boots - Genuine Leather

Green Hill Camel color High Ankle Length Boots - Genuine Leather

Brand Bacca Bucci
Colour Green
Material Leather
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Overview: Bacca Bucci Green Shoes

Flaunt your style like a typical American country cowboy by wearing these Green Hill Camel color High Ankle Length Boots - Genuine Leather. The wild adventures on the deserts and arid lands will be a treat to you while you wear these boots. The long extended part of the shoe which almost goes up to the bottom of your leg will help you in more ways than one. The colour of these Bacca Bucci high ankle boots will also match with the colour of the desert and therefore, any sand stain on the shoe will not have effect on the look of the product.

Material and Design

There is a mixture of suede leather and faux leather at certain points on this pair of Green Hill camel boots. This trendy and impressive product is camel brown in colour with light brown colour suede leather finish on the edges. The laces provided with this pair of Green Hill camel boots are also light brown in colour. The laces are of medium length, so that there does not remain any trailing part of the laces when they are tied, giving the whole shoe a sober look.

The boots have been manufactured with high quality material that has been used both on the surface of the boots and the sole. There is proper room for ventilation while you wearing this shoe, so that you do not feel any discomfort during hot and humid weather conditions at arid regions or during the cold weather at night. The simple and refined design adds a new a sense to the collection of this pair of men boots. You do not need to worry about wear and tear of these boots as Bacca Bucci is known for manufacturing boots that have a sturdy and robust base and sole. The interior of the boots are made with soft material which will make you feel comfortable. The sole of this pair of boots are made of synthetic rubber providing maximum grip on grounds.

Style Tip and Occasion

Wear these boots to your hunting trips and feel the importance of these boots during the daring conditions. You can also wear these boots when you go to adventures and excursions. You can comfortably walk and run through sandy places and dry surfaces or even loose soils, while you are on your way to hunt. The extended length of the boots will protect your feet from collecting sand off the surfaces. Your feet will remain protected from any kind of dirt or dust, that usually gets accumulated if you wear other shoes.

Wash and Durability

While cleaning leather boots, you should use a damp cloth to first clean the dirt and sand off it. Do not expose it to direct sunlight for a long time as it might fade the colour away in the long run. If these boots are drenched, make sure that it does not remain drenched for a long time or else you might have to face unwanted problems.

Shop Green Hill camel boots online and have it delivered at your doorstep. Buy Bacca Bucci high ankle boots online and have a great and valuable shopping experience.

Product Details
Brand Bacca Bucci
Colour Green
Material Leather

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