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Aqua Green & Light Grey Chroma Thong Iii Flip Flops by Nike
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Aqua Green & Light Grey Chroma Thong Iii Flip Flops by Nike

Brand Nike
Colour Green
Material Leather
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Overview: Nike Green Men's Shoes

Aqua Green & Light Grey Chroma Thong Iii Flip Flops by Nike

Turn your style statement a notch up with these Chroma Thong Iii Green Flip Flops from Nike. Flip flops are generally associated with a relaxed and easy going moods and this one will definitely get you that mood. The Nike Flip Flops gives a very cool look along with being trendy. It is necessary for a man to own all kinds of foot wear as, just because they are men, the notion that less is fine is not true. Foot wear is something they can indulge in and this flip flop from Nike can be one of them. The size of these particular flip flops is for men with a shoe size seven. The combinations of colors make them stand out and the choices of the colors that is green, blue and white are all relaxing color suiting the mood that wearing a flip flop creates. Nike as designed the flip flops keeping comfort into consideration. The choice of material used to create the product is synthetic while the material used for the sole is of course rubber. And as they are flip flops they are just have slip on closing along with the tip being open.

The green flip flop are ideal for casual occasions. You can wear them for any simple occasions or relaxed outings. For college this is an absolutely right choice as along with comfort they even provide you with style. You can slip on the flip flop for something as simple as just going down on a stroll with your friend. A normal jeans and t - shirt will go very well with these Nike. Shorts and a loose shirt will look even much more better, a perfect example for relaxation. All your exploration of a beach will be much more comfortable if you wear these flip flop. Besides being ideal for a beach outing they will look stylish and chic.

Durability of a product is as important as the functionality of it and Nike here has both. The synthetic material used to create the flip flop have a long last life that gives it a great durability which in turn will make the product highly functional. This is not found in many footwear and creates a distrust among the consumers that does not prove profitable to either of the parties involved in the long run. In fact, the synthetic surface makes it extremely easy to clean the flip flops. Use a good quality brush or even a damp cloth to clean the dirt and dust off and you will have a pair of brand new flip flops every time you go out.

Quality is an important factor for a consumer while picking or shopping. They will go for a quality product, in fact, they tend to stick to one kind of brand while buying something. This is a trait that should be remembered and used because if the consumer likes a particular product of a particular brand then they tend to stick to that. So, in short the quality of the product is most of the time based on the brand and thankfully Nike is one of most well-known and also a well-loved brand for footwear. Founded in the year 1964, Nike has over the many decades become a multinational corporation. They have branched out into developing, designing, manufacturing and selling equipment, accessories, apparel and last but not the least footwear. Over the years the brand has not only gained fame but also trust that have made them what they are now. So, of course the quality of these green flip flops is not compromised.

When it comes to clothing, footwear, apparels, and the fashion industry in general, nothing is constant! Change is the name of the game! As they say, 'Evolution is the key to survival'. Brands need to transform and polish their norms time and time again i.e. adopting the latest fashion trends, considering the active international styles, ensuring maximum comfort and durability, and much much more. This is where this particular product enters the fray, as it has been manufactured keeping under consideration the fashion world of today. The brand aims to quench every customer's fashion thirst by keeping the quality standards as high as possible. And hence, gift yourself an impeccable sense of sophistication whilst optimizing your fashion quotient drastically.

Moreover, they come with a six month against manufacturing defect. The Chroma Thong Iii Green Flip Flops are the hot selling product so, do book yourself one before all is gone. In order to get the best deals and the most reasonable price go to brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Details
Brand Nike
Colour Green
Target Audience Men
Material Leather

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