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GreetZAP Birthday Vibrant Voice Greeting Card

GreetZAP Birthday Vibrant Voice Greeting Card

Brand GreetZAP
Model Number 1488312 x 8
Colour Multi
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Product Description

The best thing about birthdays is that they keep coming every year and shower you with blessings, gifts and love from your closed ones. If you have a birthday party invitation round the corner, you can check out this birthday card online. It can be gifted to a dear friend or a close relative to bring a smile on his or her face. Let us take a closer look at the special attributes of this card that make it a brilliant choice.

The Look

This birthday greeting card is brought to you the brand GreetZAP which is known for making greeting cards that are infused with a personal touch. It creates cards that are a unique blend of innovative designs and creative motifs. It is known for delivering products that provide optimal amount of satisfaction to its customers and look after their demands. This card comes in a striking purple colour that gives it an amazing look. The front portion of the card has the words "Happy Birthday" etched on the upper part in beautiful fonts. The words are written in a light pink shade that stands out conspicuously against the purple background. On the lower part, there are vibrantly coloured flowers that emerge from the base to give the card an attractive look. The flowers are vividly coloured in different shades of pink, yellow and white that lend the card a highly contrasting look and accentuates its whole get-up. Throughout the body of the card, there are watermarks of floral motifs that render to it a lovely look and make it all the more gorgeous. The inner part of the card is crafted from a combination of purple and pink colours. There is a picture of a pretty girl on the left hand side dressed in colourful attires. On the right hand side a brown cupcake is clearly visible that is topped with pink icing. The icing is decorated with star shaped chocolate chips. The cake is wrapped in a pink coloured paper that is adorned with tiny white designs. The words "Enjoy your day. You deserve it!" are also written in a stylish font. On the back portion the company name can be found and the picture of red gift boxes tied with white ribbon is prominently visible.

Special Features

This GreetZAP greeting card is stuffed with a lot of unique features that will undoubtedly make you fall in love with it. The message "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday Friend, Have lots of joy and love around. Cheers!!" can be heard in a resonating male voice when you open the card. The card is fairly big- it measures 60x33 cm when opened and 33x20 cm when closed. It is made of good quality 300 GSM matt paper that ensures that it remains in its pristine condition for many years to come. The brightly coloured card is very attractive in look and has a brilliant lustre. It is so wonderful in appearance that you can gift it to anyone. Its vibrant appearance and the sound effects will be loved by any child who will be glad to get it. It will also be greatly appreciated by any adult who will be impressed by its charm and beauty. Make someone's birthday special by gifting him or her with this spectacular birthday card and light up a face with joy.

Key Highlights

Attractive purple colour

Beautiful floral designs

Sound effects

300 GSM matt paper

A Valuable Possession

This purple greeting card is a truly priced possession that must be preserved for years if you want to keep the memorable moments alive and re-live them whenever you want to. You must keep this birthday card away from the reach of children who can rip it apart unmindfully. Keep the card protected from water or other chemicals which can destroy its colourful surface and the in-built sound system. You should also be careful about keeping it away from dust particles and termites that can damage it untimely. Store it safely inside a wardrobe to keep it protected from external corroding agents. So what are you waiting for? Buy GreetZAP birthday greeting card online today from the comfort of your home!

Product Features

  • Message "Happy Birthday,Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday Friend,Have lots of joy and love around.Cheers!!" in Male Voice
  • Open (60cm x33cm) Closed (33x 20 cm)
  • Greeting Card,Voice Greeting Card
  • 300 GSM Matt Paper
  • Multicolor Greeting card
Product Details
Manufacturer GreetZAP
Brand GreetZAP
Model Number 1488312 x 8
Colour Multi

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