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Guitars with Sheet Music Electric and Acoustic Set of 2

Guitars with Sheet Music Electric and Acoustic Set of 2

Brand Midwest-CBK
Model Number 894491
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Overview: Guitars with Sheet Music Electric and Acoustic Set of 2

Guitars with Sheet Music Electric and Acoustic Set of 2

Decoration is important to make a lasting impression on guests and oneself. The decors depends upon the taste of the occasion as well as the hosts. The props used, has to convey a message about the personality of the decorator and the occasion. Music is an important part of most of life for most of us. And this pair of ornaments are perfect gift to convey that message.

About the product

A guitar in form of a décor portrays the impression of a music enthusiast. This set consists of two guitars, one of it is in light brown and the other in dark brown colors, respectively. The light brown colored one is of the Acoustic kind, which gives it a classical flavor while the dark browned one is the modern day electric type. The set is attached with music sheets, which gives them a sense of authenticity of a real guitar. The resin is hand painted, which gives a rich feel to the product. The guitars are ready to hang, and are a breeze while handling and storing. The full wood construction is lightweight. Hang them on the doorstep, or in the living room, or around the Christmas tree, this product adds a sense of charm to the occasion and reflects the depth and class of your decorative choices. The size of the guitar is 2 * 0.5 * 5 inches respectively. They are totally durable and easily portable. One can use them for an occasion, pack them off in the storage and use them back again, the next year. The quality of materials used is 100% rust free and stays protected in a near mint condition for a long time. They weigh about 180 grams each, which would protect them from swinging around in case of wind or breeze. A guitarist is always a center of attraction and this guitar décor is designed to make your place, the same as attractive. The colors of the guitar, themselves in contrast, would suit all the walls and Christmas trees to note. This set would never be out of place for any occasion

About the brand

Midwest - CBK is an American company that deals in seasonal and everyday gifts. They have a long tradition of offering the latest styles, trends and design. They are considered as leaders in the gift market in the Americas. The quality of the products are extremely high and the company boasts of excellent sales service and customer feedback. Their products include specialized gifts items for occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving and the seasons that surrounds them. The firm has been marketing its products in India lately, and is keen to capture a market in the gift industry. The variety in the number of items for each occasion and the quality of the product will cater to their goal in a very short time

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Product Details
Brand Midwest-CBK
Model Number 894491

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