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Overview: Hajmola Imli Digestive 120 Tablets

Do you suffer from uncomfortable, distressing or embarrassing side effects after eating? Do you fart or expel wind or smelly gas? You are not alone. But, you can now overcome all of these embarrassing symptoms by buying this pack of Dabur Hajmola Tablets (Imli). This pack contains 120 tablets in a chatpata flavour. You no longer have to worry about eating all that yummy food you've been craving for. Simply pop a Dabur Hajmola tablet, a tasty digestive that stimulates digestion in your body. It is a delectable mix of traditional, Indian culinary herbs, spices and edible salts. Tamarind is widely used as an Ayurvedic medicine to treat a host of problems including gastric, digestion problems and cardio protective activity. This pack of Imli Hajmola tablets is the perfect way to complete your daily meal. Regular consumption of these tablets is also believed to help in maintaining ideal weight. If you suffer from lack or loss of appetite, it is recommended that you consume Hajmola tablets before your meal. It is known to improve your appetite by enhancing the production of various digestive fluids. Those who suffer from digestive problems should avoid foods that are likely to upset their stomach. If you suffer from gas, heartburn, or bowel problems, you should avoid spicy, fatty or fried foods. It is also recommended that you eat food slowly and try to relax while you eat. Also, drink lukewarm fluids instead of something hot to avoid swallowing more air, as it is likely to contribute to 90% of the gas in your digestive system.

Help Ease Digestion

Life in the fast lane often leaves us with little time to cook and eat nutritious meals. The absence of a well-balanced diet can lead to various digestive problems including constipation and diarrhoea. More serious problems can result from consumption of such diets and ignoring the problems that arise due to it. Shop online at and find a wide range of digestive aids including Imli Hajmola tablets. Junglee is a great tool for online comparison shipping. The site allows you to find a product, know about the product and compare it with others. We aim to provide the best comparison shopping experience on the Internet, and establish as the best online destination to make a purchase decision. Compare and save with all the resources available on, you are assured a smarter shopping experience. You can compare prices for many products, read customer reviews, get detailed information about each product.

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Target Gender Unisex

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  1.  Happy stomach is the way to happy life. 14 August, 2013 On
    Hajmola is one of the best brands that brings us the digestive pills. The product offered to us here is 100% perfect and even tasty on the other side. Firstly it helps our stomach stay happy. Just a pill after meal and you are always good to go. Second it has no side effects so nothing to worry no matter all age groups can grab it. More it comes in a glass sealed bottle so easy to store and stays fresh always. Most important for just spending 22/- we get 120 pills and that are more than enough for full month or more to go. Less to spend and more to get for our health. No digestion problem, no worries any more. Hajmola I am very satisfied and even recommend everyone to give it a try.
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