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HP V210W 16GB USB Pen Drive

HP V210W 16GB USB Pen Drive

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Overview: HP V210W 16GB

Make your life simpler with the HP White USB Pen Drive that gives you a whole new experience of data storage in a stylish manner.


HP introduces the V-210 W Pen Drive that has been designed in a unique and sleek pattern with a metal body as per the latest design. It comes in an elegant white colour with the brand logo etched at the top and the storage capacity at the bottom. The built with a clip on its back, be clipped onto files and folders or even to your pocket so that you don't lose it.  There is also a loop attached to it so that you can tie a string to it, and reduce the risk of losing it. Now you can store your favourite files in this 16GB storage device and play it on any compatible device. This ultra-small and sleek weighs around 6.2gm and its dimensions are 3.46 x 1.22 x 0.45 inch.

Key features

The HP V210W 16GB USB Pen Drive has a storage capacity of 16GB.

It has a read speed of 24 MB/sec and a write speed of 8 MB/sec.

It has an operating temperature between 0° to 60° C.

The clip design ensures that you don't lose it easily.

This HP Pen Drive is compatible with Windows and is built with a USB 2.0 interface.

The plug and play feature makes it convenient to use.

It comes with a 24 month standard manufacturer warranty.


In this age of technology owning a pen drive is very important. You can just plug into your USB device and play it. Since it comes with a plug and play feature, so you need not install it separately. Connect it to TV USB ports for HD video play back or bring your entire music library to your car via the USB port and play it on your vehicle's audio system. Simply drag and drop files to your flash drive to store your favourite and important files. Transfer high definition games and videos, music files, important files and documents in the blink of an eye with the use of this 16GB pen drive. Apart from music, you can also use it carry home your official data so that you can work on them at home and you can get rid of your pending work. You can also treat the flash drive as a back up storage device. Now you can enjoy hassle-free transfer of files without worrying about the size of your files. It can be conveniently used both by the professionals and the newbies. Its sleek design lets you conveniently carry it wherever you go. The clip design ensures that you can clip it your files, folders or even in your pocket. This pen drive enables relatively faster data transfers. So shop this Plug and Play HP Pen Drive from the online store today.

Maintenance and care

The flash drive is an essential computer accessory. Basic care is very essential to prolong its life span. When not in use, always keep in a secure place. Since the pen drive is an electronic device, make sure that you never expose pen drive to excessive heat or moisture. If any dust accidentally enters into the pen drive, always clean it immediately as this might hamper the connectivity with your device. Always scan the files you want to transfer to the flash drive as the malware can be easily transferred through these files. After you turn on the computer, wait for the operating system to boot. Once the system is ready, then connect the flash drive to the USB port. Never insert the flash drive before the computer is turned on as it might cause a shock to the flash drive and damage it. Editing and writing should never be done directly in the files stored in the pen drive. If editing is required, just copy the file on the computer and then do the editing. After editing the file, copy the edited version to the pen drive. Directly writing and editing will minimise the life of the pen drive.

About the brand

HP or Hewlett Packard is ever since known for delivering the best hardware and software services to consumers. Founded in the year 1939, this leading PC manufacturer has always surprised us with its high quality products.

Therefore, if you want to make storage and transferring task easier, then buy this Convenient HP 16GB USB Pen Drive online and experience the difference.

Features: HP V210W 16GB

  • HP V-210W 16 GB Pen Drive
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Storage: 16 GB
  • USB Flash Drive type
  • 100% Original product from Hp

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