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HTC Desire 500 (Dual SIM, Glossy Black)

HTC Desire 500 (Dual SIM, Glossy Black)

Product Specifications
Brand HTC
Model Desire 500
Operating System Android
Internal Memory 64.0 GB
Color Black
Display Size 4.3 inches
Primary Camera Resolution 8.0 megapixels
SIM Type Smartphone

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Overall Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars
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     HTC desire is my First HTC phone and I am already in love with HTC 25 August, 2014 On
    I bought this phone 2 weeks back and I didn't want to write a review until I have explored all the features of this phone. I would
    now like to describe why you should buy this phone.

    Who should buy this Phone

    Someone who:

    Prefers Looks

    1. Phone looks amazing; the weight is 120 that is not much for a smart phone. The screen resolution is 720*1280 which is quite good for this kind of device.

    Prefers his tablet and Phone to be different.

    2. The feel of this phone is amazing, the phone is light weight, the build is pretty strong, the edges are rounded and the thickness is pretty less. The phone
    has great ergonomics as it fits in my hand perfectly. I don't prefer to combine the experience of a tablet and the phone together, for tablet I have an iPad, I want a phone that
    I can operate pretty easily and this phone has got that. I am able to type pretty well.

    Prefers not using social networking a Lot

    3. Talking about performance, I might rate it pretty high but that would be not fair as I don't use any social networking sites on my phone. I am anti face book and anti all social networking.
    So for me the background processes do not consume much of the memory and my phone is pretty fast. The quad core processor works at lightening speed for me and I don't experience any time lags while switching among the screens. For me 1GB RAM is sufficient.

    Prefers using meaningful and minimal applications.

    4. Hard disk space is not much as most of the space is occupied by the phone software and that is clearly printed on the box that available space will be only 4 GB as rest of the space is occupied by phone software so I think that the user is pretty much informed. I only keep my phone for personal usage and audio so I have put in my 16 GB card and that works like a charm. I don't even install any mail client or something on the phone so to me its pretty fast and I don't see any issue with respect to memory or performance.

    5. Battery is little on the low side but not an issue for me as I don't run much of the background processes. This is not for the people who are heavy users of gaming and online chatting and video callings, they might experience low battery life but for me the battery lasts for one and a half day in which I browse a lot and I watch you tube and keep playing audio on my phone.

    Possess great taste in music and can discern between granularity of acoustics and music

    6. Audio is provided by the Beats and I would say that is something the most coveted feature of this phone. The Beats audio sounds terrific and I could easily identify the difference when I switched from my old Sony phone audio to beats audio. You would experience a different fidelity and precision in sound. The highs will seem higher, the lows will seem lower and the bass will be terrific.
    I love music so much that I don't need any other reason to buy this phone other than this one. This is an unprecedented feature of this phone.

    Possess propensity towards aesthetic and beauty and not value for money freak

    6. User interface is amazing as HTC sense UI sweeps you off your feet and you can't match this UI to any other phone. This UI is peerless and flawless. You love switching among the home screens. This UI is built upon the android framework by HTC and this phone comes with HTC sense 5.0. This is another reason to buy this phone.

    Has keen interest in shooting photos and video recording.

    7. Video Recording and camera are above par as compared to other phones at the same price. The camera is impeccable and the video recording is flawless. I like all the videos that I have recorded with this phone and camera works well even in low light.HTC has a feature or an application that organizes your photos and presents them in the form of a story with different effects. The LED flash is automatic; the burst mode gives you the best shot. The LED flash automatically switches on in low light however I don’t prefer using flash. Camera is a feature of this phone that is class apart but this can never replace a professional camera.

    I would give 10/10 for the camera and the video recording.

    8. Phone is capable of tethering.

    9. Phone is capable of NFC though I have not used this as of now.

    10. Wifi has great speed and the 3g networks work seamlessly on this phone.

    11. I am not android freak and I don’t like much of the upgrades happening so even if this phone is not upgradeable which not the fact is, I am cool with that. The current android version works perfect for me.

    Who can think of buying this phone….

    1. Someone who wants to try beat audio and HTC sense. HTC phones are next best to Apple in the market and that's an undeniable fact.
    2. Someone who is not so finicky about value for money and consider brands on top of usability.
    3. Someone who likes aesthetics and beautiful user interface.
    4. Someone who is not much in to gaming and social networking however if you are in to these pursuits every android phone will run out of juices in a days time.
    5. Someone who doesn't have budget to buy an Apple and still want to use a good brands, sturdy beautiful looking great performing phone.
    6. Someone who does take lot of shots and do lot of video recording.

    Who should not buy this phone…..

    1. Social networking and gaming freaks.
    2. Value for money freaks.
    3. People who love installing thousands of application.
    4. People who want tablet and a phone at the same time.
    5. People who think that this is over priced.(They should rather go for Micromax and Karbonn).
    6. HTC phones are not comparable with Samsung; people who might be doing that comparison should stop doing that and instead of doing that must buy some Samsung.

    Final Verdict:
    A beautiful phone that adds value aesthetics and charm in your life. It captures beautiful moments and presents to you in most charming way. It is the delight of the user.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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     love 7 December, 2013 On
    this is so beautiful in less cost and looking beautiful
    if i purchase i choose this product
    i like it
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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