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Handloom Hub Printed Eyelet Door Curtain 7ft (1 pc)

Handloom Hub Printed Eyelet Door Curtain 7ft (1 pc)

Brand HandloomHub
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Overview: Handloom Hub Printed Eyelet Door Curtain 7ft (1 pc)

It is indeed pleasing to have an aesthetically pleasing interior and curtains play an important role in freshening up the look of your home. They come in a variety of colours and patterns so that you can find the suitable piece matching your home décor with ease. Additionally, they serve they have the classic utility of offering you complete privacy to you within your private space. This Handloom Hub Eyelet Door Curtain Red is the ideal item to buy if you are planning to refurbish the look of your home with a fabulous piece of curtain. It comes in a rich shade and features a fine texture so that it lends an exquisite touch to the look of your room. It will not only add a vibrant touch to the look of your interior. So, go ahead and shop online for Handloom Hub Eyelet Door Curtain Red to add spunk to your interiors.

Materials and Make:

This Handloom Hub Eyelet Door Curtain Red has been manufactured by Handloom Hub with special care so that it offers you long terms services and is impressive in terms of its quality. It has been designed using premium quality polyester fabric that is highly employed in the making of like items due to its durable aspect. The high quality fabric guarantees that it will be long lasting and will not give in to wear and tear. It is also anti-wrinkle and anti-shrink and therefore retains its texture for long. It features stitches in the eyelet style and comes with metal rings so that it can be easily employed at the designated area. It is 7 feet in height and will fit into any standard doors. The well-knit fabric offers you long term protection from excessive sunlight and keeps your rooms cool during summers and warm during the winters. The rich scarlet shade adds to its appeal and ensures that it looks well-coordinated with any type of home décor. It will instantly add a vibrant touch to your home and impress everyone who visits your residence. This exclusive product comes as a single piece and will offer good service for ages. So, buy this and improve the look of your home.

Care and Maintenance:

This Eyelet Door Curtain comes from the house of Handloom Hub and is sure to be impressive in terms of quality so that you can use it for a long period of time. It is a high quality item that is sure to prove durable. If you invest a little effort by following these uncomplicated steps that have been enlisted here for your convenience, the item will retain its quality for a much longer period. It is advisable that you use a high quality duster or a vacuum cleaner once in a week to clean the piece. This rids the curtain of the accumulated dirt on its surface. When necessary, wash this polyester curtain using a solution of cold water and a gentle detergent. Do not use any strong soaps or chemical cleansers for this reason. Do not bleach. After washing the curtain, do not let it tumble dry or wring it. Let it dry flat in an airy and shaded area. Do not expose to bright sunlight. Store the curtains in a secure place in your wardrobe when they are not in use. You can use of naphthalene balls to prevent damage to the fabric. By adhering to these simple tips, you retain the novelty of this exclusive item.

Key Highlights:

Brand: Handloom Hub

Manufacturer: Handloom Hub

Type: Eyelet Door Curtain

Material: Polyester

Colour: Scarlet

Size: Door- 7 Feet

Package Content: 1 Unit

So, do not wait any longer. Buy this rich door curtain and add a fresh touch to the look of your home. You can buy this curtain with just a simple click of the mouse. Buy Handloom Hub Eyelet Door Curtain Red online and add upholstery to your home that is soothing to the eye. Get it delivered to your doorstep. Buy online.

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Brand HandloomHub

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