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Handloom Trendz Black And White Double Bed Blanket
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Handloom Trendz Black And White Double Bed Blanket

Brand Handloomwala
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Overview: Handloom Trendz Black And White Double Bed Blanket

Winter is around the corner, the chill is setting in and nothing could be more relaxing and comfortable than a soft, warm and cozy blanket in this beautiful season. Blankets today are no longer looked upon as something that is used to cover yourself in the cold but also tremendous heed is being paid to owning blankets that look pretty and attractive that would enhance the décor of your room. Manufacturers have kept this demand in mind and produced a large variety of different blankets that are now available in the markets in various different colours, shades, materials and patterns, in turn giving you a wide range of choices to opt from. If you have been on the lookout for a warm and comfortable blanket, then buy the Handloom Trendz Double Beds Light Winter Blanket, Black and White online. The blanket is not only relaxing and soft but also offers you with an effective insulation that keeps you warm and comfortable in the chilly months of winter. The blanket has been is well-designed with the purpose of being used on a double bed.

Design and style of the blanket:

The white and black light blanket is sure to provide you with ultra comfort and luxury with the purpose of keep you warm. It is light and easy to use without being too bulky and heavy. This black and white blanket has been designed from superior quality fabric that has been crafted from polyester,a fabric that is much in demand these days as far as blankets are concerned. The polyester fabric of the blanket prevents the formation of creases on the blanket's surface along with being very durable and long lasting. Crafted from very high quality of polyester, this blanket is extremely durable and can be used on a regular basis. The blanket is very light and possesses a feather-light weight that also offers you the combination of complete warmth and comfort. This fabric would feel very soft against your skin and would keep you very comfortable and warm even in extreme cold. The light blanket, along with being light and comfortable also looks very stylish and smart in a combination of black and white stripes that is a very smart combination, much in demand today. The colour of the blanket is sure to captivate you and enhance the décor of your bedroom by a large extent. The blanket will light up your room and help it look very attractive and cozy.

Maintenance of the blanket:

Handloom Trendz is one of the leading brands that deal in the production of comfortable and attractive blankets which ensure you complete satisfaction and durability. It is important o maintain your blanket in the correct manner in order to help it lasting long and looking new at all time. The light white and black blanket would retain its original superior quality and its shine for a very long period of time if you follow these simple care tips. You can choose to dry clean this blanket if you do not wish to wash it yourself. The polyester material allows you to use the machine to wash it as well on a gentle cycle. It is also necessary for you to store this blanket appropriately in order to keep it in good condition. You should fold the blanket in the correct manner and then wrap it in a soft piece of cloth or even an eco-friendly wrapper once Winter ends and you need to store the blanket away for next year. You can also place naphthalene balls along with the packaging so as to protect the fabric of the blanket. Ensure the longevity of your blanket with these simple steps.

Key Highlights:

Manufacturer: Handloom Trendz

Material: Polyester

Colour: Black and White stripes

Type: Light Winter Blanket

If you to give yourself a comfortable and warm winter then shop for the Handloom Trendz Double Bed Light Winter Blanket, Black and White online.

Product Details
Brand Handloomwala

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