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Handloomdaddy fiber cushion filler (set of 5 pieces)

Handloomdaddy fiber cushion filler (set of 5 pieces)

Brand Handloom Daddy
Size Free
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Overview: Handloomdaddy fiber cushion filler (set of 5 pieces)

When we consider buying cushion fillers for our home, comfort is one of the major factors that we should consider. It is our favourite companion during the chatting session with friends or while watching a movie for the required comfort. The Cushion Filler from the house of Handloom Daddy is one such essential item that is a must in every couch or bed.


This Handloom Daddy Cushion Filler Set of Five is made of high quality white coloured polyester. It comes in a set of five that meets your requirement easily. This square shaped white coloured filler is stuffed with hollow fibre. The weight of the entire set is around 1kg and the individual dimensions are 16 x 16 inches. So shop this comfortable Cushion Filler online and put on a nice-looking cover to give your couch that classy look.

Key highlights

Since they made of high quality polyester it makes them durable.

The hollow fibre stuffing makes it extremely lightweight.

Easy to scrunch and bend.

The soft filling does not make them noisy.

The cushions are washable and shrink resistant.

Being stuffed with a soft filling you can put on the cover and remove easily.

General benefits

The size of 16 x 16 inch is usually a standard size which can be used to satisfy most of your purposes. It is extremely soft and comfortable as a support. The firm stitches add to the life of the cushion filler. The hollow fibre is light in weight and dries easily when you wash them. One of the special characteristics of hollow fiber is that it allows air ventilation that facilitates evaporation of humidity. This is also one of the most hygienic and breathable fabric, which also avoids accumulation of obnoxious odour. The elasticity of the material gives the cushions a great recovery power. The hollow fibre undergoes a special silicone treatment to give it that extra softness.

How is it going to be a favourite of your family?

If you put on a cover with animated prints and keep in on your kid's bed, he or she will just love it. They can cuddle them like the soft toys. When you come back from work stressed and tired and sit down on the couch to relax, then the added support of a soft and comfortable cushion gives you a cozy feel. If you place one of them on rocking chair of an elderly person, it will provide him/her the ultimate comfort. If you have a five seater couch or a three sitter sofa along with a two sitter, then this set of five fillers is just perfect for you.

Health benefits

While purchasing cushion fillers apart from comfort, you should also consider the health benefits. The anti-allergic properties of these cushions are good for people who suffer from allergies. If you are suffering from back or neck pain, then a comfortable cushion is a must to overcome it.

Maintenance and care

These white cushion filler need very little maintenance since you will be putting on a cover. However keeping the hygiene factor in mind, you need to wash it with regular use. Just dip the fillers in cold water and mild detergent to wash. If stained, rub that portion slightly to get rid of the stains. After washing, air dry it. Apart from washing, you must also expose them to sunlight occasionally to keep them germ and odour free.

About the brand

Handloom Daddy is a prominent brand that brings us a huge range of home textiles items. It was founded in the year 1990. Their aim is to provide the best possible items of finest quality to the customers. All their products pass through a long process and undergoes extensive quality check before the final packaging. Their collection involves home textile items bed sheets, curtains, quilts, blankets, cushion fillers, cushion cover, towels, mats, bed side rugs and runners, foot mats and aprons.

Just buy this set of soft Cushion Filler online and cover them with some fancy cushion cover matching the interior decor of your house. Not only comfort, these will give your home that extra spark.

Product Details
Brand Handloom Daddy
Size Free

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