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Handy Massager

Handy Massager

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Overview: Handy Massager

Who does not like to get a comforting massage every day after a long day at work. A head massage while you are suffering from a piercing headache can be a brilliant solution. To provide you with a perfect solution for your massaging needs we bring to you the Handy Massager which enables you to provide relief to your muscles and joints of your entire body.

This electricity run full body massager, manufactured by Sobo, can be used to massage your entire body and relieve muscular aches, pains and stiffness. It helps you unwind, relieve your stress and makes you feel energetic and fresh. Like a professional masseuse, it massages the muscles of your body; rubs and presses the palms of your feet and hands to provide a soothing effect to your body. The massager comes with a number of caps, so that you can customise massages for different parts of your body and enjoy a refreshing massage session. It has a durable chord and runs on electricity. Covered with a proper surface, it also does not cause any shock to your body.

The massager comes with four massage heads, the flat head helps you take care of neck pain, while the wave head presses down deep and massages muscles. The ball-bearing head facilitates blood circulation and the scrubber cap exfoliates dead cells off your skin, which can help keep your scalp healthy and prevent all problems related to dandruff. The product also comes with a knob to regulate the strength of its vibrations which enables you to massage yourself using the device as strongly or gently as you need in order to relieve pain faster. You can purchase this easy to grip and use massager by shopping online at Junglee. Also avail interesting offers brought to you by a range of sellers.


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