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HappyZone Rubberized TPU Skin Case Cover (Smoke) For 10.1 INCH Sony XPERIA Tablet Z (SGP311 / SGP312)

HappyZone Rubberized TPU Skin Case Cover (Smoke) For 10.1 INCH Sony XPERIA Tablet Z (SGP311 / SGP312)

Brand HappyZone
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Product Description

Tablets are the latest cool gadgets for the youth and also for the adults. To maintain the looks of a tablet you must be ardently searching for a robustly built protective cover. It will not only protect your tablet from all possible harm but also enhance its visual appeal. Whether the device is small or large there are tablet cases that are easily available in the markets and are meant for all shapes and sizes. Depending on the personal preferences and needs, you can choose to buy one. But finding the right fit for your Sony Xperia Z Tablet is now easy and you can do it with just a click. This Happy Zone Rubberized TPU Skin Case Cover is brought to you by Happy Zone and is here to become the security of your tablet from various elements, damage, and everyday wear and tear. Therefore if you have recently purchased an Sony Xperia Z tablet, you should go for this particular case that will prevent your sophisticated device from all possible damage. Shop Happy Zone Rubberized TPU Skin Case Cover online now and flaunt your tablet with style. With this case you will be ready to make your unique style statement.

Product Features

This case will prevent excess dust and dirt from touching the body of the tablet and entering through the openings. It will even prevent the tablet from extensive damage if dropped accidentally. It will also become a fashion accessory and is the best way to protect your expensive device. After putting the tablet inside this case, you will be able to handle it carelessly and yet be absolutely sure about its safety. The case has been carefully designed to grant you with an easy access to all the keys and buttons so that you can operate it with agility. It offers a flawless fitting and can be mounted and removed easily. The cover is very light in weight and hence can be carried around effortlessly. The rounded corners enable you to tuck it easily inside purse or backpack without worrying about sharp jutting edges. It has a scratch-free design and protects your valuable tablet from all possible bumps and scratches. Moreover it prevents dust particles from harming your phone. This cover can also be use to protect the cover from some amount of water. You can use this case when it is drizzling and you are outside. However, it is suggested that you do not make use of any electronics when it is raining.

Look and Design

The case is manufactured by Happy Zone that is famous for its fine quality products and delivering complete customer satisfaction. It has a very sleek appearance despite being tough and long lasting. It comes in a striking black colour that not only renders to it a highly sophisticated look but also protects it from the wear and tear of regular use. It sports a textured surface that adds a touch of elegance to it and shines with characteristic lustre. The case has a slender and form fitted design that fits on your tablet seamlessly and makes it appear more stylish. The cover is crafted from supreme quality and comes with a well-cut design that holds your tablet securely in place. The fine textured outer covering provides absolute protection and has been especially designed to offer you a solid grip. The use of rubber will prevent the tablet form sweat. This reduces the chances of your tablet accidentally slipping out of your hands. It offers protection to all the corners of your device and does not let any harm come upon it. 

Care and Maintenance

This case is ideal for them who tend to toss their tablet in a bag or purse. Handling the tablet in such manner will quickly dirty the case. It is recommended that you wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth. Paper towels or other paper-based products can scratch the screen, therefore, you should use a soft cloth for cleaning. You should also ensure that the tablet is switched off and the battery is removed before cleaning. Keeping your Sony Xperia Z tablet within its appropriate case will minimize the amount of contaminates and scratches. Additionally, the electronic ports used to charge the device, or the headphone auxiliary port will also be prevented from coming in contact with dirt. Taking care of this tablet case is very simple and does not involve much hassle. It is highly advised that you clean the cover periodically so that it remains in a brand new condition for a longer period of time. Buy Happy Zone Rubberized TPU Skin Case Cover online today from the comfort of your home to get it delivered at the earliest.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number 815028018209
Brand HappyZone
Model Number SGP311U1/B, SGP312U1/B

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