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Head Titanium 1000 Tennis Racquet

Head Titanium 1000 Tennis Racquet

Colour Multicolour
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Overview: Head Titanium 1000 Tennis Racquet

Everybody who plays any kind of sports or is even remotely interested in a sport knows how important and essential the equipment used in a particular sport is. The right kind of equipment can define your whole game and make you a better player. A sport equipment is like a partner in your game without which you can never excel in your game. Like in all games Tennis also requires a special equipment and that is the Racquet.

The Racquet in a game of tennis is its essential part. It is very important for one who plays this game to have the best one in order to do justice to the game he plays. Head Titanium 1000 Tennis Racquet is exactly what a tennis player needs in hand to land a game. The racquet is multicolored basically consisting of black and yellow.

The handle is white in color with the brand name "Head" printed in black. The Head Titanium 1000 Tennis Racquet is incredibly light in weight which makes it great to play with and carry too. It does not strain your hands and elbow and is highly portable. It looks very sporty and classy. The material is great and the racquet is very durable and will last really long.

This racquet is a very appropriate one for a beginner. It has a medium swing speed and is constructed for durability and efficiency in the game. It is mainly targeted for the men. Tennis racquets are very expensive but not this one, this racquet has been priced keeping in mind the pockets of the consumer and has been priced very reasonable. This racquet will take your game to a different level altogether. It allows you precise control over the ball and helps you generate more power with every single swing. This racquet is best for intermediate, beginner and recreational levels.

The Titanium 1000 Tennis Racquet has been manufactured by a very famous brand named Head. The model number for this racquet is LYSM917. It is in a combination of black, white and yellow color. It is constructed from graphite which makes it really strong and durable. It supports a very comfortable grip. The shape of the racquet is a round head shape which works great for powerful shots and also helps in the balancing.

The weight of the racquet is 280 grams. It supports a new shaft inlay which really enhances the stability of the racquet. It has been designed longer in length for more power. It is highly flexible. It belongs to the titanium series and supports the innovative titanium technology. The height of the racquet is 27.5 inch. The grip size is G3 and the head size 104 Other main features of the Titanium 1000 Tennis Racquet is a sweat absorbing grip, a very strong and durable aerodynamically designed frame and it is made up of steel and hydro sorb material. The string pattern is 16 *19.

Head is a company dealing with sports equipment and clothing company. They are specially known for their alpine skis and tennis racquets. It was founded in 1950 in Baltimore, Maryland. Its headquarters is at Amsterdam, Netherlands, Kennel back and Austria. The Founder of this company is Howard Head and the CEO is Johan Eliasch. This product is the best that you can have and is going to be great for your game quality. You can buy this product exclusively from the best shopping site On this site you will definitely get this racquet at a very reasonable, pocket friendly and attractive price.

Some brands have a reputation to savour. For such brands, the name tag in itself is credible enough to attract and lure tons and tons of potential customers. Head is one such brand, as it fits the bill perfectly. Even after being in the industry for a long period of time, their level of consistency never drops. Which is no surprise, judging by their ever growing fan base.

Product Details
Manufacturer Head
Brand HEAD
Colour Multicolour
Target Audience Men
Item Package Quantity 1

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  1.  Satisfied 14 March, 2014 On
    This is the perfect Tennis racquet for a beginner .
    It is cheap , light . durable and accurate .
    All the new learners should go for this one .
    HEAD is one of the most recommended and the most used brand of Tennis racquets by emminent sports persons themselves .

    I would call it worth the money !
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