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Heartly Flip Kick Stand Hard Dual Armor Hybrid Rugged Bumper Back Case Cover For Blackberry Z3 - Red

Heartly Flip Kick Stand Hard Dual Armor Hybrid Rugged Bumper Back Case Cover For Blackberry Z3 - Red

Compatible Devices BlackBerry Z3
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Product Description

The Sassy Blackberry Z3 in the palm of your hand is heaven on earth. But even the most sophisticated of mobile phones require protection. So when you have the best of phones, why go for only a subtle cover? The Case Machinee Red Armor for Blackberry Z3 is the best and ultimate protection that you can give to the Blackberry Z3. This Armor Case Cover has a detachable dual layer, which offers extreme safety to the Blackberry Z3. Strong and Fiery Red it is the perfect case for the gadget freak in you. The outer and inner layers fit perfectly over each other, which enhances the case cover to absorb impacts from shocks, bumps and being dropped.

Shock Absorber

You might have come across watches that have shock absorbers, vehicle parts that provide shock absorbers, even laptops. The Case Machinee Armor Case Cover is one of the very few back case covers that provide shock-absorbing facility to mobile phones. The initial layer of the case cover is made up of a Ballistic polymer that renders the case fully shock absorbent. Ballistic Polymer is a super polymer material, which is much stronger than a speeding bullet. This highly potent compound can block even a common 9mm bullet as well as sub-machinegun-rounds in their very tracks. They not only stop them but also close off the holes behind them. Case Machinee Armor Case Cover provides your Blackberry Z3 this ultimate protection.

Impact resistance

In Phones such as the Blackberry Z3, the electronic body is made up of several minuscule and sensitive parts which could easily get damaged by the slightest of impacts. The Second layer of the Case Machinee Armor Case Cover is made up of a tough impact resistant polycarbonate shell. This polycarbonate material is up to 10 times stronger than the normal plastic covers. This cover has high durability and a very high resistance to strongest and dangerous of impacts.

Skin Fitting

Most cases either come off being too loose or being smaller than the body itself. The Case CaseMachinee Armor Case Cover is cut to precision and fits like a second skin on the Blackberry Z3. This accuracy makes the cover cling onto the buttons and even prevents dust and debris from getting into the inner body of the phone. The casing gives an extra grip to the phone and avoids damage from being dropped.

Scratch Guard

The inner Shell of the Armor Case cover by Case Machinee has an in-built clear protector, which prevents the Blackberry Z3 from scratches and smudges. This case cover is fit with such care that it doesn't affect your use of the phone in any way. You will have clean and complete access to all features of the Blackberry Z3, which includes the camera, microphone, speakers and all the buttons.

Added Features

What extra features would you expect from a phone case cover? Well, after all the super protection that the Case Machinee Armor Case Cover gives your Blackberry Z3, it also comes with a built in stand, presenting you with comfortable angles while watching movies, surfing the internet or any other task regardless of the surface it is placed upon. Be it the study table, the dining table, your office desk or anywhere. You can enjoy a hands-free experience for your entertainment.

Pamper yourself with this ultimate stylish case cover, because your Blackberry Z3 is worth it. CaseMachinee gives you the top of the gear back-case, Armor case cover, which is the only satisfaction for the best of phones, Blackberry Z3. The Red Armor Case Cover by Case Machinee is the best option to flaunt your Blackberry Z3 and be the envy of the crowd. Come, shop yourself this gizmo at at the lowest price and avail yourself a hassle-free shipping.Your case cover will surely grab attention of others. Even this can prove to be an ideal gift item for you.

Product Features

  • Armor cover case. Detachable dual layer. Beautiful and Tough. Use this case to reduce the chance of signal loss.
  • Outer layer fix perfectly around the inner shell to absorb impact form drops bumps and shocks.
  • Layer 1: Ballistic shock absorbent polymer. Layer 2: Tough impact resistant Polycarbonate shell. A clear protector is built in to the inner shell to prevent scratches and smudges.
  • Complete access to all features of the device including microphone, speaker, camera and all buttons. Enhance the appearance of the overall phone.
  • Comes with the built-in stand, offering comfortable angle for movie watching and web-surfing on any surface - study table, office desk, dining table and anywhere else.
Product Details
Manufacturer Heartly
Brand Heartly
Model Number Armor Blackberry Z3 Red
Colour Red
Technical Specification
Compatible Devices BlackBerry Z3

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