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Hercules Atom 18 Speed Bicycle

Hercules Atom 18 Speed Bicycle

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Overview: Hercules Atom 18 Speed Bicycle

Hercules is a prominent company in India that is known for selling supreme quality sports accessories such as bikes, treadmills and other gym equipments. The Hercules Atom 18 Speed Bicycle is a product by Hercules that exudes quality. Having two 26-inch wide tyres, and 18 speed gear options, this bike offers a ride that will fill you with adrenaline. Made from durable and high-quality stainless steel, this bike is the perfect choice to go cycling on those long distance road trips with your friends.

Designed for Speed

This lean and stylish bike from the house of Hercules comes in a box once the order is placed. It has a low stylish frame, and the seat contains high-quality polyurethane sponge that offers a comfortable seating. The seat is attached to a top-notch spring that prevents you from suffering a back-ache in case you are riding on rough roads. Having a low frame, mounting and unmounting the bike is easy. The cycle comes with 18 speed complete Shimano gear system that allows you to change the speed of your bike as per your preference. The tyres are 26-inches wide in size and are made from supreme quality rubber. These tyres are built for speed and offer high-level endurance against sharp objects on the road. So you do not have to worry about your tyres getting punctured during an intense ride. The overall frame of the bike is made of stainless steel that enhances its durability. It also comes with a stand for you to park the bike once you are done with your session.

Assembly and Maintenance

The Hercules Atom 18 Speed Bicycle has been manufactured by TI Cycles of India. It comes in a stylish black-red colour and has a lean design. Lightweight, it is easy to carry once you are done with your session. Once you purchase the cycle, it comes partially assembled. The customer will have to assemble the bike partially. However, the cycle comes with a manual that will effectively guide you on assembling it. Easy to clean, the bike can be washed and cleaned with a dry cloth. Avoid using chemicals on the body of the bike as it might wash away the paint and hamper its appearance. You can further enhance the life of this wonderful cycle by having it serviced at a service centre near your home.

Overall, the Hercules Atom 18 Speed Bicycle is a superb sports cycle that is affordable, stylish and delivers in terms of performance and quality. To purchase this amazing bicycle, simply shop online, and you will receive the product at your doorstep once the order is placed.

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Brand Hercules

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  1.  it is ok good for off roading but cant trust the breaks and gears!!!! 19 August, 2013 On
    nice shox smooth ride but after some off roading the front mudguard comes off and the brakes work a bit. i was about to have an accident many times.but if you repair the brakes you can go anywhere even on mount Everest!!!!!!!! because it is capable of doing it. i would say it is a nice cycle good for everyone.i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    here is my email id for any doubts

    and enjoy the ride!!!!!!!!!!!
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