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Heuer Hd 221 Personal Bathroom Scale - Digital
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Heuer Hd 221 Personal Bathroom Scale - Digital

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Overview: Heuer Hd 221 Personal Bathroom Scale - Digital

From the moment Kareena Kapoor waltzed into our lives with the size zero concept and King Khan flaunting those ripped six pack abs on the silver screen, our lives have not been the same as before, gone are the days when a person with those flabby tummies were tagged as "khate-peete ghar ka baccha" today they are looked down upon rather than being looked upto, the ghee containers have been replaced with olive oils, our lives have become a constant struggle to keep ourselves within the calorie limits and with this lifestyle spreading like a wildfire,it is about time to jump into the bandwagon too and what better way to begin this journey than buying a machine to gauge your weights, Huer Hd221 personal bathroom scale is the perfect weapon in your battle against the calories.

It looks like lightyears before when such things were only owned by the movie stars or the health obsessed ones with the advent of the health and body conscious generation Huers personal bathroom scale has become a necessity rather than a luxury.and don't worry this is not the kind of scale which is kept in your hospitals or the ones which gives you a good piece of advice before churning out your weight.this sleek piece of metal is a gorgeous piece of creation which will add a sheen to your bathroom and you just have to watch your friends as they walk into your bathrooms and mutter a soft 'wow' as they set their eyes on this beauty.The analog generation has passed away long time back now no need to worry about those knobs and dials which get stuck halfway thorugh and you have to make all kind of adjustments before they do their job, and errors were such that on a single day itself you can gain 20 or lose 40 kgs according to those outdated machines.The huers personal bathroom scale is ten step ahead of its own competitors you just need to step onto it this featherlight but extremely durable product and get filled with joy as it flashes your correct weight within a matter of nanoseconds,I

t's auto-on feature is the one described just now and this is a work of pure genius.and with such features you might think that the prices would be high enough to compete with the skyscrapers of gurgoan, but no this is one of the most economical products in the market.So go ahead and set in motion the cycles to achieve that perfect weight.Go to

Features: Heuer Hd 221 Personal Bathroom Scale - Digital

  • Size 29x28x2.5 Slim Model
  • Maximum weight 150 Kgs
  • Display size 7.4 x 2.5 cms
  • Auto ON/OFF

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     Just ok 19 October, 2014 On
    Package is very good. but shipping is slow. 1kg error noticed using the product. But its ok for this price of Rs.400/-
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