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High-Fidelity Ultraslim Bluetooth Wireless TV Home Theater Sound Bar Speaker System with 3D Surround Sound Mode and Wall Mounting Brackets for Samsung Galaxy 4 / LG Nexus 4 & More Smartphones!
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High-Fidelity Ultraslim Bluetooth Wireless TV Home Theater Sound Bar Speaker System with 3D Surround Sound Mode and Wall Mounting Brackets for Samsung Galaxy 4 / LG Nexus 4 & More Smartphones!

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Product Description

In today's day, most electronic devices are wireless. From appliances which enable communication to security systems, each and every device seems to have done away with the wire. Somehow the idea of a long coiled cord attached to your device doesn't attract many people nowadays. Wireless devices make life much easier, efficient and hassle free. The comfort of operating your device while you are lying in the bed or even in the bathroom brings a sense of satisfaction.

Bluetooth is the technology that most devices use to attain wireless connectivity. It has a range of 60m which means you can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device within the range of 60m. Most devices today like smartphones, tablets, laptops, headsets, gaming equipment are all Bluetooth enabled. Now with the help of this device you can connect your phone to your car's speakers and attend calls and play your media. You can connect a wireless joystick to your gaming console and play your games wirelessly. You can connect a wireless keyboard or mouse to your desktop or laptop using this technology. These are a few applications of this amazing technology.

About the product: High-Fidelity Bluetooth Wireless TV Home Theater Sound Bar Speaker System is designed using the same idea which helps you enhance the audio output of your devices. If your device is Bluetooth enabled, it is compatible with this product. Now connect your smartphone, laptop or tablet to this amazing device and experience high quality sound! Buy online today.

Wireless speakers are very much in popular demand and nearly every major consumer is looking forward to get their devices operated wirelessly. These speakers are basically used to enhance the audio of your smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled devices. It is a wall mounted device and it has wall mounting brackets present which enable you to hang your device so that you get a larger audio presence. Its dimensions are 96.5cmx11.4cmx11.4cm, making it a sleek yet powerful device.

Equipped with 3D stereo technology and dynamic Bluetooth transmission, this device gives out exceptional audio performance with its powerful, rich and amazing quality sound. The speakers easily pair with your Bluetooth device and can stream music and movies wirelessly from up to 32 feet away. With the advanced 3D surround sound feature, now you can experience your music come alive from all directions in high stereo sound.

It gives out a powerful output of 40 Watts (20 from each sound bar) while consuming as little as 1 Watt. These devices are powered by 100-240 Volt adapters. It features a remote control which helps you operate the various functions of this device, from switching on the device to controlling its volume. It has an in-built radio feature which can be used to tune into the radio to enjoy the latest songs and keep yourself updated with the news. It has a digital clock included too, making it a versatile device. 

Care and Maintenance: Since it is an electronic device, it needs some care and maintenance. It is always advisable to follow safety measures while handling electronics to prolong their longevity. Below are some steps which will help benefit your device and extend its life.

  • Keep your device away from all forms of liquids at all times.
  • When installing the device on your wall or any place else, carefully place and tighten the wall mounting brackets so that your device does not fall down.
  • When not in use, plug out the adapter to avoid short circuiting during power fluctuation and also save electricity.
  • While cleaning, use a soft fabric cloth so that you don't scratch or tarnish your device.

Now instead of spending a fortune in obtaining the perfect audio system for your room, buy online the High-Fidelity Bluetooth Wireless TV Home Theater Sound Bar and enjoy the high quality sound experience from your Bluetooth enabled device. Shop online today!

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number W10DGSOUNDBARSLIM+STYLUS_CE01
Brand Accessory Genie
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 96.5 cm x 11.4 cm x 11.4 cm

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