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Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S.Grewal 43rd Edition

Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S.Grewal 43rd Edition

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Khanna Publishers
The book provides a clear exposition of essential toolsofapplied mathematics from a modern point of view and meetscompleterequirements of engineering and computer science students.Everyeffort has been made to keep the presentation at once simpleandlucid. It is written with the firm conviction that a good bookisone that can be read with minimum guidance from the instructor.Toachieve this, more than the usual number of solvedexamples,followed by properly graded problems have been given. Manyof theexamples and problems have been selected from recent papersofvarious university and other engineering examinations.BasicConcepts and Useful Information has been given in anAppendix.However, the subject matter has been set in eight mainunits: Algebra & Geometry: Solution of equations, Linear algebra: Determinants, Matrices, Vector algebra and Solid geometry. Calculus: Differential calculus, Partial differentiation, Integral calculus, Multiple integrals, Vector calculus. Series: Infinite Serie ... See more
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