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Highway (2014) | Hindi [DVD]

Highway (2014) | Hindi [DVD]

Format DVD
Actor(s) Alia Bhatt Randeep Hooda
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Movies are the greatest source of entertainment and learning too. Shot in a responsible manner, a film has many things to teach people. Also, while you are sitting in a sombre mood and want to refresh yourself, movies form a great source of bringing you back to life when you are entangled in your routine work. People generally love to watch movies which lighten their mood and have a bit of everything: drama, romance, comedy, etc. Watching movies also has two options: either at a multiplex or at home, helped by your home theatre system.

About the movie

Highway is directed by Imtiaz Ali and stars the heartthrob Alia Bhatt and the dashing Randeep Hooda. It was released in Feb 2014. The movie is set in six different states and relates to two opposite people brought together by fate. The girl is abducted from a gas station at a highway, when she is with her fiancée. The gang of rustic goons soon find that the girl they kidnapped belongs to the higher strata of the society and learns that her father has links to higher officials in the government. But the leader of the goons (played by Randeep Hooda) refuses to budge to the psychological pressure due to girl's higher status. They travel on truck through six states with the fear of being caught. At one of the instances in the story the girl herself hides from the policeman, which surprises the abductors. With the passage of time, the girl has started to love the journey on the highway and does not want to go back to her earlier life. The leader of the goons sees his anger fade away and ultimately decided to let her go. But with Veera (Alia Bhatt) insisting to stay with the goons, they take shelter where they are tracked down by the police and in the process Randeep is shot dead. Shocked Veera returns to her home and reveals some secrets of her past life to her parents and finally decided to settle on her own on a hill station.

Brief about DVDs

Comes in the DVD which is better than a CD in terms of carrying less discs due to higher storage capacity of a DVD. The whole packaging containing one DVD weighs 74g and has dimensions 172 cm x 138 cm x 156 cm. The movie has an IMDb rating of 7.7 out of 10.

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Product Details
Theatrical Release Date February 21, 2014
Format DVD
Genre Romance
Actor(s) Alia Bhatt Randeep Hooda
Director(s) Imtiaz Ali
Producer(s) Sajid Nadiadwala.

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Overall Rating 3 out of 5 stars
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    Road Movies as a template of success, critical and commercial had become a trait that was identified with Imtiaz Ali since the time he made his debut with SOCHA NA THA and kept on overhauling it through JAB WE MET, LOVE AAJKAL and ROCKSTAR. In fact the phenomenal success of ROCKSTAR had whetted the appetite of the audience and there was a lot of anticipation around HIGHWAY starring Randep Hooda and Alia Bhatt. But somewhere HIGHWAY could not live up to the expectations as it has not been able to find the moorings with the audience, seemed to be stuck somewhere between exploring the picture post card landscape of the country and trying to wove into this landscape a narrative to entice and enthrall the audience.

    The underlining theme of HIGHWAY seems to be built up on the premise of Stockholm Syndrome where the kidnapped falls in the love with the kidnapper , but this aspect to succeed had to be waxed upon in detail, which has not so been the case.

    Indeed, from the cinematographic perspective HIGHWAY is a visual treat, however if one wants to explore the countryside through the panoramic lens, then the Discovery Channel and National Geographic are already on the job, and exploring the unexplored vistas of the countryside is much better done sitting in front of the television in drawing rooms. Obviously the exploration of the countryside on television scores, as it has the ability to surprise, and until a journey brings in an element of surprise to make it everlasting, it does not get entrenched in the memory, and this seems to have been the case with HIGHWAY.

    A child sitting in the adjoining seat in the cinema hall, half an hour after release of the film pestering the parents with the question-when will the film end-underlines the dilemma for HIGHWAY. Sub-text of HIGWAY has been rather powerful, sexual exploitation of the girls within the family and being hushed up, as also the exploitation of the females of the poor by the mighty, but it has rather been sketched erratically. Besides, for a couple on the run, lots of rush of adrenalin could have been projected with panache, where the hunt party out to find the kidnapper and the kidnapped also been packed with powerful performance. However, the police out on search to nab the criminal is rather too diffused and therefore HIGHWAY has become a pot-holed path of self discovery which seems to have lost the path around the bend in the corner and meandered along in the byzantine maze of amazing landscapes of the countryside and leaving the audience unfulfilled in the end. A dialogue in the film-तुम अमीरन को टूटी फूटी हवेलियों में ही रोमांस नज़र क्यों आता है, perhaps epitomizes the dilemma of HIGHWAY.

    High point of HIGWAY however has been coming of age for Alia Bhatt, who in her second film itself has underlined that she is here for a long haul and has a voice of playback which needs to be exploited more and for Hooda as well, HIGHWAY is a pointer to the fact that he is one star who has the potential to become another Irrfan Khan as far as being intense in a performance is concerned.
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