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Hindus Under Siege: The Way Out

Hindus Under Siege: The Way Out

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Language English
Contributor(s) Subramanian Swamy
Binding Hardcover
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Overview: Hindus Under Siege: The Way Out

Hindus under Siege: The Way Out by Subramaniam Swamy portrays the fact that Hindus are on the verge of extinction and would reduce down to a minority, in the Hindustan soil itself. This book is an eye opener to people who are ardent followers of the religion Hinduism. In his book, the author discusses the different risks that Hindus face today. These threats will eventually lead to abandonment of the religion, if the problems are not nipped in the bud in time.

The author clearly mentions the four critical factors that are opposing the prosperity of the Hindu segment in today�s modern society. The first being the religious factor where intentional false communication of Hindu icons and symbols is spread to tarnish the images and goodwill of the Hindus. In countries like Pakistan, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia where the Hindu population is sparse, they are tortured by illegal arrests, and by conquering and insulting the religiously significant landmarks like Tirumala Hill. The second factor is the expanding number of other religious groups that are now prevailing upon the Hindus and preventing them from carrying out their religious activities. The third factor indicates an increased terrorism, where the main target is the Hindu section of the population. Most of the terror attacks have been planned and directed towards Hindus, trying to curb their numbers in the total population of the country. Finally, misinterpretation of the Indian history where our country has been called the land of the Aryans and Dravidians, ignoring the Hindu leaders.

Dr. Subramanian Swamy is a politician and an economist. He is currently the president of Janata Party of India. He is known for his writings on economic growth of India and terrorism. Some of his famous works are Rama Setu: Symbol of National Unity and Virat Hindu Identity Concept and its Power. If one wants to study and reveal more hidden truths then buy online this marvelous book, now. Published by Har Anand Publications, the paperback edition is available with the ISBN-10: 812411207X and ISBN-13: 978-8124112076.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2012
Publisher Har Anand Publications
Contributor(s) Subramanian Swamy
Binding Hardcover
Page Count 140
ISBN 10 812411207X
ISBN 13 9788124112076
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 14.9 cm x 22.7 cm x 1.7 cm
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