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Hitachi 1.2Ton 5s Split AC CO-RAU514HSDZ1

Hitachi 1.2Ton 5s Split AC CO-RAU514HSDZ1

Wattage 1,190 Watts
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Overview: Hitachi 1.2Ton 5s Split AC CO-RAU514HSDZ1

Bring in a cool and refreshing atmosphere to your room by installing the Hitachi CO-RAU514HSDZ1 1.2Ton 5s Split AC. With its high cooling capacity, the cold breeze of this air conditioner reaches every corner of a room, soothing your body and mind.

This Hitachi air conditioner has 1.2-ton cooling capacity. Therefore, it can remove the heat of nearly 14,400 BTUs (British Thermal Unit), which is equivalent to 14,400 times the heat that a kitchen matchstick produces, in an hour. The split-air system helps the air conditioner in maintaining separate sides for cold and hot air and release them separately. Another additional factor of this split AC is its rotary compressor that enhances the cooling efficiency of the hot air, consuming very less amount of electricity. With the sleep mode and its complementary feature, Kaimin, it is an energy conserving air conditioner. As you turn on the sleep mode while going to sleep, the air conditioner automatically increases the temperature in a gradual manner, maintaining your comfort and saving power. Kaimin is a unique attribute from Hitachi that manages an increase of 1° for every number of hours that you set in Kaimin. So if you set the Kaimin to 4, the temperature will increase by 1° for every 4 hours.

Even in a hot and humid day, this air conditioner controls the humidity in the room and provides you with a refreshing and comfortable ambiance. The auto humid control removes the excess moisture in the air and fills the room with clean, fresh and hygienic air. It lets you settle down with ease, saves energy and does not disturb you in your sleep. You can shop online for the Hitachi CO-RAU514HSDZ1 1.2Ton 5s Split AC.

Features: Hitachi 1.2Ton 5s Split AC CO-RAU514HSDZ1

  • Auto Climate Technology
  • Filter Clean Indicator
  • Precoated Aluminium Fins
  • Auto Humid Control
  • Koukin Filter
Product Details
Manufacturer Hitachi
Wattage 1,190 Watts
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded Electric
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 38.2 kg
Product Dimensions 28.8 cm x 75 cm x 54.8 cm

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