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Hitachi R-SG31BPND-GS 3-Door Refrigerator

Hitachi R-SG31BPND-GS 3-Door Refrigerator

Brand Hitachi
Model Number R-SG31BPND-GS
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Overview: Hitachi R-SG31BPND-GS 3-Door Refrigerator

In summer seasons all our foodstuffs tend to get rotten and become unfit for human consumption. This happens because bacteria grows and multiplies in hot and humid conditions. Cold temperature discourages their breeding and does not let them grow and multiply. This is why refrigerators are very much needed to protect our food products in summer. India has a tropical climate and hence refrigerator is a must in every home round the years. Hitachi 366 Litres R-SG31BPND-GS Frost Free Refrigerator is a triple door refrigerator which will needless to say provide its users with greater storage space for an array of various food products. It has got a separate section for vegetable and fruits to keep them fresh and just fine for eating at any given condition. Meat and poultry products can be stored separately in their allocated sections.

It is featured with tempered glass shelves and defrosting technology which will help it in performing better for its users. This frost free tempered glass refrigerator by a notable brand Hitachi is further complimented with Inverter Control Technology that helps in lower power consumption. This results in considerably low electricity bills that help you to not burn your pocket at the end of months. The quick freezing technique that can be witnessed in this triple door refrigerator can freeze any and every food item to be able to retain its freshness for a much longer period in comparison to any other simple refrigerators.

Its quick ice making technology featuring this triple door refrigerator will be able to provide you ice cubes readily very fast for your drinks and beverages. Buy online through a well trusted and reputed online shopping parole and get to enjoy the chilled beverages and fresh foodstuffs in summer evenings like never before.

Features: Hitachi R-SG31BPND-GS 3-Door Refrigerator

  • Triple Door
  • 366 l
  • 301 - 400 l
Product Details
Manufacturer Hitachi
Brand Hitachi
Model Number R-SG31BPND-GS
Colour Name Silver
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded_Electric
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 63 cm x 54 cm x 173.5 cm

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