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Hitachi R-ZG400END1 382L Frost Free Refrigerator

Hitachi R-ZG400END1 382L Frost Free Refrigerator

Brand Hitachi
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Overview: Hitachi R-ZG400END1 382L Frost Free Refrigerator

The Hitachi R-ZG400END1 Frost Free Refrigerator, with its 3-star rating, has a capacity of 382 litres and is environment friendly. Its special features such as separate freezer , refrigerator and vegetable compartments for storage convenience, electronic control to keep the temperature constant, and the Nano Titanium filter, make it the ideal fridge for a modern day household.

Technical Specifications

It has a two-way humidity controller and Nano Titanium Filter, that uses TiO2 particles to absorb odour and control bacteria. The Minus Zero cooling ensures uniform cooling, thus keeping food fresh and conserving their nutritional value as well. The Electronic Control makes use of a microcomputer with multiple electronic sensors that observe, even the minute, temperature fluctuations, and thus, controlling temperature consuming minimal energy. The Smart Control Dial is located at the front side-wall and is easy to access.

Physical Features

This frost free refrigerator has a gross capacity of 385 litres, which translates to approximately 335 litres of storage capacity. The scratch and heat resistant glass shelves are strong enough to hold around 100 kgs of food each. It has double door and comes with a wide lamp and a mould-proof door gasket. The moveable ice tray gives access to more storage space inside the freezer. Its dimensions are 70.5 cm x 65 cm x 160.5 cm and it weighs approximately 79 kg.

Additional Features

It has a smart functioning vegetable compartment that can be opened and closed effortlessly even when a lot of items are stored. The attractive glass shelves, give more storage space and also prevent any food spillage. The front jet freezing ensures the supply of cool air from both front and back , which reach every corner of the refrigerator.

Product Features

The fridge comes with a two-way humid controller and a Smart Control Dial at the front side wall.

It has a scratch-proof and heat resistant glass shelves for extra storage capacity.

There is a moveable ice tray.

The total capacity is 382 litres and there is a Nano Titanium Filter to prevent odour and bacteria.

The vegetable compartment is a framed container that is convenient to open.

It has Minus-zero Cooling to preserve moisture and nutrition, and is CFC free.

Electronic Control with multiple electronic sensors to detect temperature changes is also a part of this refrigerator.

Features: Hitachi R-ZG400END1 382L Frost Free Refrigerator

  • 382 L
  • Double Door
  • 1 Star
  • Frost Free
Product Details
Manufacturer Hitachi
Brand Hitachi
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 70.5 cm x 65 cm x 160.5 cm

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