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Hitachi RAU518KUDB Logicool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Air Conditioner

Hitachi RAU518KUDB Logicool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Air Conditioner

Brand Hitachi
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Overview: Hitachi RAU518KUDB Logicool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Air Conditioner

Hitachi Logicool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC RAU518KUDB

Hitachi brings to you the most advanced Air Conditioner unit with Split technology. The Logicool 1.5 ton Air conditioning unit is amongst the best products out there. This beautiful product will be the center of attraction of your room. The split air conditioner will add the required style to your room and also be the most functional piece of accessory in the living room.

The Air conditioner is from the Hitachi's latest range of Logicool air conditioners. The unit consists of 2 pieces. The front unit is the AC that you see in the picture. This is the front piece of the AC which has the remote control panel, air vents and stylish design. The second unit is the rear unit with the actual hardware that is the condenser of the air conditioner. The capacity of the unit is 1.5 Tons. It is a large unit with high cooling. It can easily cool bigger rooms and living areas. With 1.5 ton capacity, the unit is very suitable for large drawing rooms or free spaces in your home.

The Air conditioner also has a 5 star energy efficiency rating. This means it is among the best energy saving Air conditioners in the market. The 5 star is the highest energy rating that is given to products which consume bare minimum amount of energy to give the cooling effect. The advanced technology at Hitachi made this possible. Hitachi has world class research and development centers and makes advances air conditioners which are very effective and at the same time very energy efficient too.

The model number of the product is RAU518KUDB. The compressor is an advanced Rotary type compressor unit. The rotary cooling capacity of the air conditioner is 18562 BTU / Hr. The rated cooling capacity is 5440 Watts and the Rated power supply is 230 volts / 50 Hz / 1 Phase. The total power input is 1495 watts. The cooling is rated at 12.42 EER with a capacity rating of 3.64 COP. The current drawn by the air conditioner unit is 6.60 Amp. It also has 3 step fan speed control. The airflow is (IDU) CFM 636 and the sound level of the air conditioner is (IDU) 40 db. The dimensions of the air conditioner are 1050 x 290 x 220 mm. The net weight of the unit is 12.9 kg (IDU). The net weight of other unit is 41 kg (ODU).

The unit also has LCD display which displays the current status if the air conditioner and the room. The LCD display is present on the front face of the air conditioner that is the IDU unit. The LCD is bright and clear and displays the current features selected in the air conditioner. The CD displays also displays the current room temperature in big standard font. You can interact using the remote with the front IDU unit. All the actions done by the remote will be reflected on the LCD display. The air flow and speed of the air conditioner can be controlled with the remote. The AC gives many basic and advanced features. The AC has timer feature which allows you to set a timer to turn ON or turn OFF the AC automatically. You can set a desired temperature and the AC will automatically cool the room to the entered temperature.

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Features: Hitachi RAU518KUDB Logicool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Air Conditioner

  • TonnageClassTr.1.5,StarRatingNoofBEEStars5,UnitModelNumberRAU518KUDB,CompressorTypeROTARY
  • Rated Cooling CapacityBTU/Hr18562,Rated Cooling CapacityWatts5440,Rated Power SupplyVolts/Hz/Phase230/50/1,Total Power InputWatts1495,
  • Rated Cooling Capacity EER 12.42,Power Input (Watts)  Rated Cooling Capacity COP 3.64,
  • Power Input (Watts) Current DrawnAmps6.60,Fan SpeedSteps3,Air Flow (IDU)CFM636,Sound Level* (IDU)dB40,
  • Dimensionmm1050>290>220,Dimensionmm792X600>299,Net Weight (IDU)Kg12.9,Net Weight (ODU)Kg41,Remote ControlTypeLCD Wireless
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Manufacturer HITACHI
Brand Hitachi
Colour Name White

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