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Hitachi Sugoi 1.5 TR 5 Star- RAU518HUDD Split Air Conditioner

Hitachi Sugoi 1.5 TR 5 Star- RAU518HUDD Split Air Conditioner

Brand Hitachi
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Overview: Hitachi Sugoi 1.5 TR 5 Star- RAU518HUDD Split Air Conditioner

It is extremely refreshing to come home to a cool and comfortable ambiance during the hot and humid summers. With the varying temperature changes, it becomes extremely troublesome to enjoy a pleasing atmosphere within your home space. However, with massive technological advancement, you have a variety of air conditioners to offer you blissful ambiance. If you are planning to buy a useful air conditioner that will keep your room temperature adjusted to a comfortable level, then your search ends here. You have this Hitachi Sugoi 1.5 TR RAU518HUDD Split Air Conditioner Creamy White to meet your need. Gone are the days when only the window air conditioner units were available. Nowadays, with the advent of the split conditioners, installing an AC within your home space without occupying much storage space has become much easier. This fabulous split air conditioner comes from the popular house of Hitachi and is updated with special features so that you can get the utmost benefit using it. So, go ahead and buy this air conditioner in order to get a cozy interior zone that allows uninterrupted relaxation. Shop for the Hitachi Sugoi 1.5 TR RAU518HUDD Split Air Conditioner Creamy White online today.

The Design:

The Hitachi 5 Star Split Air Conditioner has an updated design so that it fits in to your living space with ease. The dimensions are such that it will not take up a lot of storage space. You simply need to get the indoor unit installed on the desired wall and enjoy unlimited services. Like most split air conditioners, this also has an outdoor unit that functions without trouble. The units can be quickly installed and will effectively put an end to all the problems related to temperature regulation. Moreover, the AC comes in the classy creamy white shade that looks good with all kinds of home decor. The impressive design is sure to captivate you and will add a new dimension to your living space. The device has been manufactured using premium quality materials so that it is durable and offers long lasting services. There are pre-coated aluminium fins for better performance and longevity. However, this modern AC does not only have an elegant and stylish look but has also been updated with the latest features so that you can make the most of it.

Useful Features:

This Split Air Conditioner from the house of Hitachi has a tonnage of 1.5 Ton and a 5 star rating in order to be highly effective in terms of performance. It requires a power of 230 V, 1 Phase and 50 Hz and has a 6.6 Amps cooling operating current. It consumes a total power of 1495 Watts. It features various modes that can be adjusted according to your convenience. You can either switch on the dry mode or the cool mode depending on your necessity. There is also the Auto Power Save mode that helps you to enjoy using the device in an energy efficient manner. There are useful characteristics like the Koukin Filter and Defrosting Sensor added for better performance. There is also the Filter Clean indicator that indicates the appropriate state of the filter. With the low derating and silent cooling that the device offers, you are sure to enjoy hassle free cooling services. There are both the options of auto fan speed and select-able fan speed available. The pre-coated, aluminium fins that the AC features make it work better. Moreover, the device features a wireless LCD that displays the vital details to you. There is a remote control offered with easy to use buttons so that you can operate the AC smoothly. With so many advanced features, you are sure to have a wonderful and pleasing experience using this split AC. Additionally, it comes from the popular house of Hitachi that is one of the leading manufacturers of advanced air conditioners. The quality of the product is thus guaranteed and it is assured that you will get maximum service in times of needs. You will not regret opting for this technologically advanced device from their range. So, go ahead and buy this exclusive AC to get a revitalizing ambiance at home.

In the Box:

The package comes as a complete set so that you can use the AC without any difficulty. There is the main unit along with a remote control for its smooth operation. Moreover, you get an easy to use instruction manual to guide you with the functioning. There is also a warranty card that comes along with the package to ensure that the device stays free from any sort of accidental manufacturing defects for a significant period of time.

Key Highlights:

Brand: Hitachi

Manufacturer: Hitachi

Model Number: RAU518HUDD

Type: Split Air Conditioner

Energy Rating: 5 Star

Colour: Creamy White

Package Content: 1 Unit

Therefore, do not wait any longer. Get this fabulous split air conditioner from the house of Hitachi for your home and get it installed without any difficulty to enjoy comfort. You can buy it with just a simple click of the mouse. Buy the Hitachi Sugoi 1.5 TR RAU518HUDD Split Air Conditioner Creamy White online. Get it delivered to your doorstep.

Features: Hitachi Sugoi 1.5 TR 5 Star- RAU518HUDD Split Air Conditioner

  • BrandHitachi,CategorySplit Air ConditionersCapacity1.5 TR,Warranty Energy/Star Rating5 STAR,
  • Other FeaturesOn/Off Timer With Advanced Start-Up,Defrosting Sensor Filter Clean Indicator ,Koukin Filter ,
  • Auto Restart ,Auto Fan Speed ,Selectable Fan Speeds ,Auto Power Save Mode ,
  • Cool Mode ,Dry Mode ,Lower Pull Down Time,Low Derating,Silent Cooling
  • Precoated Aluminium Fins ,Wireless LCD Remocon Remote ControlYes
Product Details
Manufacturer HITACHI
Brand Hitachi
Colour Name Creamy white

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