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Hitachi Window AC 1.5T 3 Star Kaze Plus-RAW318KTD

Hitachi Window AC 1.5T 3 Star Kaze Plus-RAW318KTD

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Overview: Hitachi Window AC 1.5T 3 Star Kaze Plus-RAW318KTD

When it comes to air conditioners, Hitachi is a reliable name. Hitachi Window AC 1.5T 3 Star Kaze Plus-RAW318KTD comes with a cooling capacity of 5100 Watt. If you want to buy this AC, you can consider checking the list of retailer sites given on Junglee and place your order with the website that offers you the best deal.

The integrated auto climate technology makes it adapt to change in climate

This Hitachi air conditioner comes with 3 star energy rating. This, coupled with the huge cooling capacity, makes it an highly energy efficient option. You no longer need to worry about changing your AC settings every time. This Hitachi Ac comes equipped with auto climate technology. Thanks to this technology, the AC adapts itself to any change in temperature and humidity, making it suitable for any city. So even if you move to some other part of the country, you don't have to discard your AC.

The on and off timer allows you to cool your room even in your absence

The Hitachi window ac 1.5 ton features an extra heat exchanger that ensures effective cooling since it facilitates both air and water cooling. You can make optimum use of the features integrated in this AC and thereby, ensure a cool home for yourself, even if there is scorching heat outside. This high end AC comes with an off and off timer that boasts of advanced settings. You can choose the preferred temperature and set it before you leave so that you can return to an already cool room.

Innovative technology allows you to enjoy optimum cooling

This Hitachi AC offers a wide range of fan speeds - and even if you go for a high speed setting, there is considerably little noise. The AC is equipped with a rotary compressor that ensures great functionality. The in-built filter clean indicator lets you know when you need to clean the AC. The indicator light turns on when your AC needs cleaning and stays on till you have actually cleaned it. The incorporated Kaimin technology allows you to enjoy cooling facilities to the optimum without having your energy bills shooting through the roof.

Features: Hitachi Window AC 1.5T 3 Star Kaze Plus-RAW318KTD

  • Star Rating : 3 Stars
Product Details
Manufacturer Hitachi
Brand Hitachi
Colour Name Multicolour

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